Do you have budgetary constraints and want to purchase a high-quality television? If yes, you need to go for the Vizio P-series Quantum. It comes with cheaper pricing as compared to the OLED TVs. The low price doesn’t mean that the TV is of low quality. It’s a leading LCD TV due to its quality and performance. You can get the TV at a discount during the holiday buying seasons. It is durable with lower maintenance cost when handled with care. This brand is 65-inch and will offer the best performance. If watching sports is your hobby, you will get the best 4K HDR movies. It has great colors and significant motion handling to make the gamers enjoy.

Vizio P works well for those who don’t want premium sound. However, you can enjoy this TV model by pairing it up with a sound system. Its apps are great but not as those of OLED. It has a Chromecast built-in feature to enhance its performance when streaming movies. When it comes to picture quality, this brand is the best LCD TV ever.

5 Vital features of Vizio P-series Quantum

The Vizio P-series Quantum stands out from other brands because of its features. Here are some of the outstanding features we thought you should know about.

Picture quality and viewing experience

The main reason for purchasing a high-quality TV is to have the best viewing experience. Thus, giving Vizio P-series Quantum a priority is an important idea. It provides the best picture quality. The screen is much larger as compared to other models. It is 65-inch with impressive black levels. The good thing about this TV is its brightness which leads to excellent HDR performance. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby vision. This makes it offer the best visual expression in both bright and dark rooms. All movies, games, and shows shot in HDR look amazing in this TV model. The dirty screens will not affect the picture quality. When it comes to motion resolution, Quantum beats the other models. It can handle 24 FPS movie.


The sound should be your first consideration when purchasing a TV. Some of the devices will produce sounds that have noise and others will offer low sounds. The Vizio P-series Quantum is a perfect TV that delivers quality sound. It comes with two 10W speakers that are passable to allow you to hear the audio from a distance. It focuses on mid-range, center channel audio with a tilt in upper Mids. With this, you will hear dialogue during intense action scenes. However, it does not have a loud sound as compared to other models like the LG B8. You will require a sound system to enhance it.


Standing out from the crowd is a wish for everyone. Because you will use the TV for entertainment and educational purposes, you need a professional design for people to recognize your best quality TV. If you want to purchase a TV for business, you need one that will motivate people. Vizio P-series Quantum is a good looking model in the market. It becomes the best for business because of its classic and clean look. It has a slim bezel and black frames. The screen is flat with 65-inch. It’s made of glass which extends to the edge of all four sides.

You will find a chrome color in the front and sides. At the back of this TV brand, you will find a cutaway of inputs and outputs. They will help you to connect new devices when the TV is wall-mounted. There are four HDMI inputs which are version 2.0 with HDCP 2.2. Also, there is one HDMI input for version 1.4, 1080p/120Hz input capable. Other inputs and outputs include one USB port, Ethernet port, RF antenna tuner input, Optical digital audio output, and stereo analog audio output. The outputs and inputs play a crucial role in helping you to transfer data, audio, and movies between devices. Alongside the Vizio P-series, you will find a remote. It has shortcut buttons for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu. However, the remote lacks the voice search feature. In this era, the voice search is becoming popular because it helps people operate the TV with much ease. You will only speak a word and get the best result.

Smart TV

Getting an opportunity to use a lot of apps to watch movies and sports as well as be active on social media is essential. The Vizio P-series will help you to achieve this because of its Chromecast built-in. It will allow you to cast apps directly from your compatible smart device. Also, you can download other apps. However, without this built-in feature, you will not get quick responses like those of other brands like LG B8. You will get a few selections of Apps. The Vizio P-series will allow you to search for apps and movies more effectively. It will let you browse the web with Google Chrome and enjoy entertainment apps and music.

Also, it will allow you to sort apps in order of choice. The good thing about this TV model is that you will enjoy free services. It provides 100 live and internet streaming channels which include movies, sports, news, music, and comedy. With this, those with budgetary constraints will enjoy this TV model using free services.

Voice control

In current days, things are changing, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time when searching for specific content or App. You can speak in the search bar. Although Quantum lacks the built-in voice search feature that is found on other brands such as LG B8, you can control it with Alexa smart speakers and Google assistant. The Alexa will allow you to change the TV channel, adjust the volume, play or pause the media, and power the TV on and off. For the Google assistant, you will get an opportunity to stream from your favorite compatible app, and adjust the volume.

Pros and cons of Vizio P-series Quantum

Before you purchase the Vizio P-series TV model, you need to know about some pros and cons of this TV. Here they are:


It provides the best performance

Having a high performing TV is a wish for everyone. Do you want to view a high-quality image? If yes, you need to give the Vizio P-series Quantum a try. It will allow you to view in dark and bright rooms. Quantum being the best LCD TV model in the market uses Full-Array Local Dimming making it brighter as compared to other models. This brand supports a wide range of colors making it produce the best visual display.

It has a Chromecast built-in

Always being on social media is crucial as you can share ideas and learn new things. Although the Vizio’s Smart Cast system is not excellent, you will easily cast apps from your phone by the help of Chromecast built-in feature. It will help you to stream Netflix, YouTube, and other content from your mobile device to your TV.

You will have free streaming services

Having free services benefits people especially those with budgetary constraints. As you are aware, streaming movies, videos, and sports require a strong internet connection. It is for this reason why Vizio P-series is the right choice. It will allow you to watch your favorite movies, shows, as well as videos for free.


Limited horizontal viewing angles

At times, you may have a large room for viewing the TV. Thus, choosing a device that will allow you to view from sides is essential. For the Vizio P-series, it will limit your watching from angles. In this case, you can go for another alternative like the OLED B8.

The remote does not have the voice search

Most people do not love the way of scrolling for many hours to search for the best channel. It is for this reason why a voice search is essential. The Quantum lacks the voice search built-in feature. However, it has Google assistance and Alexa to help you do searches by using the mouth.

Wrapping up

If you are searching for a professional and best-performing TV, you need to consider the Vizio P-series Quantum. It is excellent for watching movies, sports, shows, as well as videos because of its picture quality. The HDR performance is outstanding, making it a leading brand in the market. Its Amazon Alexa and Google assistance will allow you to control essential functions like turning the TV on and off, muting, adjusting the volume, and changing inputs. The best thing about Vizio is that you can watch what you want by finding content on mobile devices or PC and casting on the TV. You will achieve this by the help of Chromecast built-in feature.



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