Are you searching for a quality digital camera with a powerful sensor, continuous shooting speed, and hybrid autofocus? If so, Sony is one of the brands on your list. In 2014, Sony released a new model with this capability – Sony Alpha A6000. The model comes with great features and a new generation of RGB color filters. This technology is the first introduction from Sony which has been in operation and with a strong reputation of offering the best quality cameras.

Though this model has been in the market for the last five years, it remains as one of the top-ranking digital cameras. Its performance, image quality, and speed beat a large percentage of modern models from other players in this niche. For you to get a grasp of what you will gain when you purchase this camera, here is a comprehensive review of Sony Alpha A6000:

Sony Alpha A6000 image quality

The first consideration for a photographer or a videographer buying a camera is the image quality. You do not want to own a camera that will process low-quality images with blur. Your desire is to capture quality images that you and your clients will love. Sony designers are aware of this aspect. In this model, they present a camera with the ability to produce high-quality images. Sony Alpha A6000 produces high-quality JPEG images on natural light scenes. However, it has challenges retaining the same quality in low light areas compared with other brands.

Alpha A6000 comes with a 24MP sensor that uses gapless microlens technology and the Bixon X image process. The two features enhance image processing of quality photos. Also, the camera JPEG images are sharp at low ISO sensitivities. It produces good color images at default settings. In this setting, the camera has accurate colors with no push on contrast and saturation.

Again, the video captured using this camera is of good quality when you have solid control of the artifacts. Overall, this camera has outstanding quality images when the settings are neutral and shooting with low ISO sensitivities.

Sony Alpha A6000 Performance

In the performance aspect, Sony did a nice job in this model. Alpha A6000 comes with notable improvements from its predecessors. It has an enhanced continuous shooting speed coupled with autofocus and autoexposure. The continuous shooting speed stands at 11fps. The camera can shoot 50 JPEGs or 22 raw files in a row.

Apart from this, Sony Alpha A6000 comes with an updated face-detection system. The face-detection sensors of this camera cover more than 92% of the image area. With this, it is easier for a photographer to focus on subjects’ off-center and ones moving across the image frame. Also, it has a lock-on AF which uses autofocus contrast. This way, it enhances the capturing and processing of high-quality images.

When considering the startup time, it has a stand of 2.1 seconds. The camera has 0.25 to 0.35-sec start to shoot time while in a good light. This time is better compared with its predecessors that had 0.5 seconds. Also, it has an enhanced flash time. Its shot-to-shot time stands at 1.3 seconds which is a great improvement. Overall, Sony did an amazing job of enhancing the performance of its digital cameras. The improvements are notable in this model. Hence, Alpha A6000 is a good idea when considering camera performance.

Sony Alpha A6000 design and features

Sony priorities designs and features in a camera. Alpha A6000 is not left out on this too. The camera has an outstanding design. The company made notable improvements in this model. This aspect makes the camera more enjoyable offering a superb shooting experience to the user. One of the notable design improvement is the memory recall entry found on the dial mode. The new dial mode has three slots for the setting. It separates the mode and adjustment dials, adds a second programmable button and has an enhanced menu than previous models.

The camera has superb body size and organized functionalities. The standard mode dial that houses the usual manual, semimanual and automatic modes, movie mode, and sweep panorama is on the top part. Next to the mode dial is the context-sensitive dial, shutter, and quick-access settings. At the back, the camera has the standard control wheel that houses programmable buttons. Also, the menu, reprogrammable autoexposure lock, and quick menu/send-to-phone buttons are found here. The movie record button is on the side. These aspects complete the standout for the Alpha A6000 camera.

Sony Alpha A6000 impressive Features

Features are the most important consideration when buying a camera. The features define your ability to accomplish various objectives and determine your shooting experience. Sony Alpha A6000 comes with great features that make it a choice for a large number of players in the photography and videography industry. Here are some of them:

24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor

Alpha A6000 comes with a powerful sensor. It has an APS-C CMOS sensor of 24.3MP. As you may know, a great sensor translates to a high-quality image capturing and video recording. This sensor has an RGB color filter which is a new technology on the Sony models. The feature is a great innovation that makes this camera stand out. Increasing the size of the sensor enhances the focus accuracy, image sharpness, and quality.

Bionz X image processor

Sony improved its camera processors. It is now using the Bionz X image processor. This improvement is enhancing the rate of image processing. Alpha A6000 is one of the few models to have the new processor. Bionz X image processor comes with Detail Reproduction Technology (DRT) and leads to Diffraction Reduction. With these capabilities, the camera comes with enhanced image sharpness.

Also, the processor led to noise reduction through context sensitivity. The processor enables you to capture sharp images and control the amount of noise depending on the subject context. These capabilities were not available on previous models.

Hybrid AF System

Another aspect that makes Alpha A6000 stand out from the crowd is the AF System. This camera comes with a hybrid AF system. The system has 179 face-detect points which are an increase from its predecessors that had 99 points. The improvement enhances your ability to capture moving subjects.

Improved AF system moves your coverage area of the frame to 92%. This aspect increases face-detection points for autofocus which enhances your ability to capture action images. The feature put this model in line with other cameras suitable for action shooting events such as sporting activities.

Continuous autofocus and autoexposure

Alpha A6000 is one of the models with high continuous shooting speed and going for an affordable price. The camera comes with a continuous shooting speed of 11fps with autofocus and autoexposure. This is an improvement from past models whose speed was 3.5fps. Due to this, it enables you to capture 50 JPEG and 23 raw files.

Also, the aspect ensures your ability to capture high-quality images due to enhanced accuracy and sharpness. Its phase-detection capability boosts the continuous shooting speed. Hence, you will not miss capturing a memorable moment for your customers which means more dollars in your pocket.

Full HD video recording

No doubt. Recording a high-quality video can make you a competitive player in your niche. However, this cannot happen through magic. You must have the right camera by your side.

Sony Alpha is a good option for capturing full HD videos. It comes with quality resolutions, a stereo microphone, and a mono speaker. These qualities ensure you capture quality images and audio records. Also, you can record videos in MPEG 4 or AVCHD formats. For this reason, it is a powerful option for your video recording activities.

Sony Alpha A600 Price

For price-conscious customers, Sony Alpha A6000 is a good consideration. The camera is one of the reliable and affordable models. For less than $800, you will become the owner of this camera. Considering its features and the pricing, you can confirm that it is worth your dollars.

Pros and Cons

Sony Alpha A6000 has benefits and drawbacks like any other product. Here are some of the pros and cons of this gadget.


  • High continuous shooting speed. The speed improved from 3.5fps (predecessors) to 11fps which led to the fast continuous shooting.
  • Improved image process. The camera uses the latest Bixon processor which enhances quality image processing.
  • A good camera for full HD video recording.
  • Delivers high-quality photos.


  • Not a good option for capturing images on low light scenes
  • Slow startup time compared to other brands at its level.


Overall, Sony Alpha A6000 is a good camera for people looking to make money through fast continuous shooting. It is a good option for you if you are planning to leave the entry class. It competes with Nikon D7200, Fuji X100F, and Nikon D500.  Its image quality, burst rate, face-detection, design, and image processors are admirable. Also, it is a good option for an amateur for action and sporting activities. Hence, it is a reliable and affordable option.



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