The performance is the first consideration for many people when purchasing a TV. They spend more money and time travelling to various places and browsing through the internet to search for the best TV. If you are in this situation, Samsung Q8 series is your solution. It is a high performing TV and will provide you with the best results.

To begin with, you get the best LCD images. It has a high peak brightness and excellent reflection handling to allow you to watch in dark rooms. Also, it is highly responsive due to the low input lag. With this, you will not wait for more minutes for Q8 to load.

What makes this brand stand out from others is the durability feature. Q8 series is built to last and will provide excellent features even after a long period. It has metal alloy quantum pixel and durable, inorganic materials and resistance to fading. Its design makes it look professional.

Samsung TVs has a beautiful design that makes the rooms to look fantastic and engaging. The Q8 series is thicker than usual with sleek lines and a beautiful finish making it look modern. It’s clean back, and virtually bezel-free design will help you focus on incredible images. Its advanced features make it offer the best experience.

Here are the features: 6 features of Samsung Q8 series

1. Design

Samsung TVs are usually of high standards. They will allow you to create a professional décor due to their designs. The Samsung Q8 series is a model that stands out because of its sleek and modern design. It has the best flat screen due to its screen protector. With this, it will not easily get damaged.

Q8 is supported by two solid and well-built stands that are far apart to ensure maximum protection. At the back of the TV, there is the cable management system and all the inputs. It has 4 HDMI inputs with HDMI 2.0, 2USB ports, Ethernet port (LAN), Optical digital audio output, and RF (antenna) input. They will help you to transfer data, music, and movies from other devices.

Q8 is well built, making it have excellent quality. It has a uniform thickness as compared to other brands like the LG OLED. However, it is slightly thin, and there is a gap between the frame and the edge, which is difficult to notice. Alongside the TV, you will get the remote. It is simple and easy to use with few buttons that will enable you to control the TV with much ease. This remote is advanced and comes with a Bixby voice control feature. It will help you do searches by word of mouth.

The Ambient mode feature will fill the TV screen when you are not watching. This feature is pretty cool if you don’t like the black rectangle mode. To engage the ambient mode, you will have to press a dedicated button on the remote or choose a menu item. After a few hours, it will automatically turn off when it stops sensing some movements in the room.

2. Picture quality

The Q8 series is a good model when it comes to picture quality. It will allow you to watch in both dark and bright rooms. It comes with an excellent contrast ratio with Fully-Array local dimming to enhance the black levels for dark room viewing. Also, it will reduce clouding to enable you to get the best picture quality. When it comes to brightness, it becomes an excellent brand. With this, you will get great HDR and SDR content. The reflection handling is superior to allow you to view the images in very bright rooms. It comes with a wide range of accurate colors to enhance the quality of the images.

3. Sound

The main reason for purchasing a high-quality TV is to get a clear dialogue. However, some TVs have poor sound quality. They produce noise which will make you strain to listen. The Samsung Q8 is excellent when it comes to sound. It comes with 4.1 sound that provides impressive sound that’s fantastic for both music playback and movies. The subwoofer offers the best rumbling bass levels you’ll definitely like.

4. Smart TV

If you want to enjoy watching the latest movies and shows, you need to give Samsung Q8 series a priority. With this TV model, you will spend more time while watching but not searching. It has a universal guide to enable you to watch movies and shows from Netflix and original videos. Its system will allow you to choose from Netflix profiles without entering the Netflix App. The good thing about Q8 is that it will allow you to directly control devices using the TV remote from the comfort of your couch. You can connect the TV with your fridge or smartphone and also change the room temperatures.

5. Voice assistants

Samsung Q 8 series has intelligent voice assistance called Bixby. It will make it easier to search content, flip channels or even ask questions. Using it is easy because you will click the voice recognition on your remote and Bixby will be ready to provide you with feedback. However, at some point, this intelligent voice search can provide you with inaccurate results.

6. Ambient mode

Having a beautiful and entertaining living room is a wish for everyone. With Samsung Q 8 series, you will elevate your room with decorative content. Q8 has a disappearing act of ambient mode that will display useful information and engaging photos. Also, it can play light background music.

Pros and cons of Samsung Q8 series

Q8 is an excellent device that will allow you to connect with your family and friends in various ways. You can interact on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram. Also, it will allow you to enjoy seamless entertainment by streaming movies, shows, and sports. Despite all this, it has some pros and cons. Here they are:


1. Q8 has an excellent wide range of colors

Colors are essential for providing a great visual experience. This model is a Quantum Dot based TV. It can produce a 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space. It is vital for most cinema screens and HDR movies. It has over 1 billion accurate colors which change regardless of the room. They fade in bright rooms to enhance the picture quality.

2. It has excellent image quality

The quality of the image conveys a crucial message about your TV. And because you want a TV for entertainment, educational purposes, or watching motivational stories, you need to select one that will offer the best visual expression. With the Samsung Q8 series, you will get a bright image, maintaining a high level of contrast and sharpness. Also, you will get amazing HDR content.

3. Samsung Q8 series is easy to set up

Many TV brands come with an interface that will require you to ask for assistance from a friend. However, with the Q8 model, you will perform each task by yourself. You can use a compatible smartphone or a remote to set up. In case you encounter challenges, you can contact Samsung support system. It is always available and will provide you with relevant feedback.

4. It has an amazing design

If you want people to recognize you as a person with the best TV, you need to go for the Samsung Q8 series. It has a sleek, modern styling making it a durable brand. It is supported by two stands to prevent it from falling. Its disappearing act makes it stand out from other TV. The ambient mode will make your room more engaging.


1. Q8 is much expensive as compared to other brands with similar features

Millions of people have a fixed budget and want to purchase a high-quality TV. They, therefore, compare the services, features as well as price. Samsung Q8 comes with high pricing and cannot be the best for you if you have budgetary constraints.

2. It losses the picture quality when viewed at an angle.

Viewing the TV from the sides will benefit those with large rooms and those using it for businesses. However, the Q8 cannot work well for you if you are in this situation. It will affect picture quality.


The Samsung Q8 series has an excellent big flat screen that will allow you to stream games and movies without a separate set-top box. It has a Stream Link App to enable you to stream your games with amazing graphics and speed. Its Netflix button on the remote is excellent to allow you search channels and movies with ease. The performance of this TV brand makes it a leading Samsung model in the market. It will provide high-quality images and sound-making You enjoy movies, sports, and shows. Although it comes with some disadvantages, you will get excellent service and benefits.



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