The quick wash cycle on a washing machine is a blessing if you have emergency laundry, want to refresh your clothes, or have an arms load of laundry to wash. It washes your clothes faster than the normal wash cycle, i.e., between 15 and 30 minutes.

While quick wash is an excellent energy saver and delivers fast, it’s not a good choice if you have stained clothes since it washes at too low a temperature. At the same time, it’s not an option if you are looking to kill germs. To effectively kill germs and dust mites, you need to wash at 660°C and above. Hence if your laundry consists of beddings, a longer wash cycle at high temperature is advisable. Also, it is advisable to use powder detergent that contains bleach to help kill any lurking bacteria.

Here is a Quick Wash 15 minutes cycle demo video:


Use less amount of detergent for a speedy wash

The quick wash cycle requires a small amount of detergent. Using too much will leave detergent residue on your items. The fast wash cycle has a shorter rinse; hence using less detergent will ensure the washing does not come out soapy.

Do not overload your machine

The quick wash cycle is ideal for washing small loads of clothes. However, if you want to do your laundry at full load capacity, it would be better to use a long wash cycle. Otherwise, your laundry won’t get cleaned, and you will be forced to run another wash cycle.
Clean your washing machine regularly to prevent mold and bacteria

Clean your washing machine regularly

If you continuously use the quick wash cycle at low temperatures, you risk your washer building up mold and bacteria. Hence you should always clean your machine regularly to get rid of mold, mildew and kill bacteria. While the Samsung ecobubble comes with the Ecodrum clean functionality for washing and killing bacteria in the drum, you should make sure to clean inside the drum door gasket. During washing, many dirt deposits underneath the gasket make it easy for mold to grow. Also, remove the detergent drawer and scrub away all the soap must. Here is my comprehensive article and video that shows you how to clean your washing machine to kill mold.

A quick wash cycle will save you on water and electricity; however, it is not an option if you have soiled or stained clothes. Avoid the quick wash if you have a large load of laundry.

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