Nikon is a brand in the photography industry that provides pocket-friendly quality camera models. Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSLR camera is a continuation of this mission. It comes with a batch of additional features from other models. Some of the notable features include the improvement in buffering. This feature enhances the shooting burst. Also, the designers improved its image quality to above ISO 1600 and two black and white modes. Besides, it now has an extended time-lapsed movie better than the previous model. The prices are below $1000, which makes it pocket-friendly. However, having a detailed review of the camera can help you make an informed decision. Below is our detailed review of Nikon D7200.

Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSLR Camera Outstanding features 

Image quality

As a photographer, the image quality of a camera is essential. You desire to own a camera that will enable you to capture a high-quality image. If you’re tired of low-quality images, Nikon D7200 is the right choice. D7200 camera comes with a number of features that give you the value for your money. First, it processes high-quality photos in the form of JPEG and raw files. The JPEG images have a standing out color due to enhanced ISO and tonal range. You will always enjoy your shooting experiences.

If you hate noises during your photo shooting events, this model is a perfect recommendation. The camera comes with a range of noise-reduction settings. It has ISO JPEG sensitivity that enhance color noise reduction. The sensitivities come with a black and white mode, which eliminates the horrendous full noise in color tonal. Also, its video image is fantastic. The only challenge is visual noise when capturing images in low light areas. Despite this, the camera captures high-quality images in areas with natural lights.


Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSLR camera has high powered, focusing, and shooting rate as it only takes less than 0.3-0.6 seconds to focus and shoot, which is relatively an excellent performance compared with other models in this series.

Also, the camera uses autofocus, which ups the shooting speed. This camera comes with an expansion of the AF area. It’s AF points go beyond the frame edges. Also, it has 51 AF points that can focus up to -3EV. This aspect makes its autofocus to stand out and enhance the capturing of high-quality images. It has a 90% hit rate of in-focus images during continuous shooting. Overall, Nikon D7200 has higher performance compared with other models in this series.

Design and features

The camera design is the next essential aspect to pay attention to when making your choice. In this model, Nikon maintained the designs of other cameras on the series. The designs retained on Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSRL camera include dust-and-weather-sealed as well as a comfortable grip and solid quality. Also, it has an accidental mode change prevention bottom located at the center on the left side of the camera. Other modes include the usual manual, semimanual, and automatic. These features enhance the camera’s settings and mode effect selections.

Also, the camera design enhances your access to key features for fine-tuning your images. On the left rear, you get buttons such as the white balance, ISO, and Qual. On the front side, this camera comes with AF, Flash, and BKT buttons. The combination of these buttons enhances its design and ease the access to key features and settings. The best fact is: you can customize these buttons configured on the dials.

Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSRL Camera Features

Nikon D7200 comes with outstanding features than some of the models in this series. Some of these features are:


No photographer would love a camera with a poor viewfinder. If your current camera is in this category, D7200 is a good choice. It has an excellent viewfinder. It comes with a variety of picture control points that enable you to enhance the quality and accuracy of your images. This feature is powered by autofocus and autoexposure.

APS-C CMOS 24.2MP Sensor

The sensor is a super feature that determines your image quality. An excellent sensor means high-quality image capturing and recording. Nikon D7200 comes with an APS-C CMOS sensor, 24.2MP. This sensor has an anti-liaising filter fixed on the front. This feature is a great innovation that makes this brand stand out. Also, it enhances your image sharpness and quality. You will never get moiré patterns on your photos or interferences effects.

Powerful processor

One of the great news about Nikon D7200 is an update on its processor from the previous models. This model comes with a powerful Expeed 4, which is an improvement from Expeed 3 available on other models in this series. With this improvement, D7200 has a higher buffering capacity, which was the setbacks of other models.

High frame rate

The frame rate is another feature you should check when choosing a camera. Even though the frame rate of this model remains as similar to others in the series, Nikon D7200 improved processor enhanced its buffering capacity. The camera can capture 100 JPEG images in a burst. Also, it can do the same for 27 raw files. However, the credibility of these figures remains unconfirmed.

Apart from this, the camera has a 1.3x crop mode on the frame rate. This functionality enhances the lens extension. You can draw the target object closer. It works best for you when capturing sporting activities or shooting wildlife images. With this feature, you can crop your images on plenty of scopes and still maintain their high quality when printing them. Again the frame rate comes with 51 focus points. This way, you have an opportunity to cover the entire frame instead of concentrating at the center.

High sensitivity range

Nikon D7200 camera comes with an improvement in its sensitivity range. The camera possesses a sensitivity range of ISO 100- 25, 600. Also, if you need expansion, the camera offers Hi BW1 and Hi BW2. These expansion settings allow you to whoop the sensitivity range up to ISO 102400. Nevertheless, you can only use the functionalities for JPEG and when capturing monochrome pictures.

Picture control 2.0

This camera model is not different from others in this series regarding picture control. The feature is similar to its predecessors. The Picture Control 2.0 of Nikon D7200 comes with seven controls for adjusting image contrast and range. However, it’s more applicable to video shooting than in photography. The videographers can use this feature to boost their footage grading. Hence, if you are videographer struggling in grading footages, you can consider this model.

HD video capturing

No doubt, capturing high definition (HD) images is now a norm in the videography industry. For this reason, the designers of Nikon ensure your capability to be on the trend. With D7200, you can shoot full HD 1080p footage. You can capture these footage at 30p/25p or 60p/50p when on the 1.3x crop mode. Also, you can connect it with a wireless mic such as Nikon ME-W1 to enable you to capture a sound within a range of 50 meters.


The storage options are another aspect every photography need to consider on a digital camera. Storage size and options determine how you will use your camera. Whether you will use it indoors or it’s an excellent camera for field video and image shooting. Nikon D7200 comes with two SD card slots. You can insert your memory cards and store your images. Also, it has an HDMI connection slot that enables you to transfer your data to an external recorder. With these capabilities, you do not have to worry about losing your data or images captured on your camera.


Pricing is the next thing you should prioritize. Whether expensive or cheap, your camera should offer you value for your money. This camera is affordable and suitable for entrants in the videography and photography industry. The camera goes for less than $1000. The price is pocket-friendly considering the functionalities you will enjoy.

Nikon D7200 Low-Light DSLR Camera Pros and cons


The camera has an excellent AF system that enhances image focusing. Also, it comes with a powerful 24.3MP AA-filterless sensor. This feature enables you to eliminate interference effects and moirés on your images. Its body and designs are also admirable.


It comes with a fixed screen that has no touch sensitiveness. Also, it has a slowing movie focusing, which impacts its performance.


Overall, the Nikon D700 Low-Light DSLR camera is a superb camera for people looking to move from the entrant level. The camera comes with updated features such as high performing processor, improved filterless sensor, and enhanced frame rate going up to ISO 25600. However, lack of touch sensitivity is a setback considering buyers are looking for digitally-controlled cameras. Despite this setback, it has new features that are hard to find in other models on the series.

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