Is Nikon your best brand? If so, this is the best moment to get a digital camera with high sensitivity and powerful sensor. Nikon D500 is the new release favoring the action photographer. The camera comes with an APS CMOS sensor, 20.9MP. Though this is below compared with other models from the brand which have 24MP, its performance in low-light scenes is high. Also, the camera has 20.8 MP on its full-frame sensor. The shooting speed is above the obvious resulting from an improvement in its processor capacity.

This camera uses Expeed 5 processors which is an improvement on other models such as D7200 which comes with Expeed 4 processors. Why should you consider D500? Here is a review of the design, performance, and features of this camera to help you make a better decision:

Nikon D500 Performance

Considering the performance of the camera is the best guarantee for getting value for your money. Nikon D500 has an outstanding performance rate. The camera has 10fpts bursts shooting. Also, it comes with 200 raw files buffer and a battery life of 1240 shots. The camera has an automatic white balance and metering system. The system is a general purpose with a solid performance rate. It recommends various balanced exposures in different situations.

Also, it is a good option for coping with bright objects. However, you must take a lot of care to ensure you do not misinterpret what you see and end up dialing the wrong exposure compensation. Hence, D500 has an outstanding performance that makes it a good choice for capturing images and shooting sporting videos.

Nikon D500 impressive features

Nikon D500 comes with outstanding features that place it at the top of the photography and videography niche. It is one of the preferred cameras for action photographers. Here are some of the features that make it the best choice.

How is Nikon D500 autofocus and autoexposure

The accuracy focusing and shooting is the key in the photography industry. Your ability to capture real-time images qualifies you to the top position in the niche. However, this aspect relies on the features in your camera. For Nikon D500, autofocus and autoexposure are the main features for enhancing your shooting accuracy.

The camera has a 16-80mm lens that enhances and ensures a relative shooting speed. When the continuous shooting mode is on, these features (autofocus and autoexposure) enables the camera to retain a frame rate of 10.7 per second. This ensures capturing of unlimited JPEGs and over 40 raw files.

Also, the camera works well when you want to enhance its focus on a dim condition. This is possible due to one-shot exposure lag essential for capturing images while in motion. However, its focus for live view is low which limit its output. Despite this shortfall, D500 is autofocus and autoexposure is standing out.

Image quality

When considering the image quality, D500 is one of the best choices. This camera enables you to capture high-quality images. The camera comes with an APSC sensor of 20MP. The sensor enhances the camera resolution, dynamic range, and noise performance. This enables you to capture images with high resolution. Also, the camera has impressing metering and processing out-of-the-camera where you can capture quality JPEG images without much effort. Also, you can shoot images for more than 4 minutes without adjusting exposure noise.

Strong body build with Magnesium alloy body

Even though the camera does not have a whole-metal-body, it is built to stand on harsh weather conditions. The camera lacks a pop-up flash which makes it sturdy. Also, it comes with a hotshoe with a weatherproof seal to protect it in case the flashgun is off or not mounted.

In addition, the camera has a standard weight. You do not get tired when carrying it. The control buttons are well-situated and come with a ridged mini-joystick. This element enables you to control the AF point for enhancing focus accuracy. The joystick is at the back of the camera on the natural resting position of the thumb. You do not struggle to reach the button when capturing your images.

Another aspect is the rocker-style navigation pad. If you have used Nikon models before, you are familiar to this pad located in the central button. The button enhances your scrolling through the menu and settings selection. Hence, the body of D500 comes with an outstanding design and material that enables you to shoot images on any weather conditions without any worry.


D500 comes with an optical viewfinder. The viewfinder is common to that of modern cameras in design. It is a pentaprism version. This version enables you to gain 100% field view when you are using the DX format on your shooting mission. When shooting at 1.3x magnification, the camera viewfinder offers a 98% field for viewing. Also, when you opt to capture your images at the maximum frame rate, you get a nice and bright view. Hence, you can capture images in a continuous mode without any challenges. The option is a good element for capturing fast moving objects or items.

Autofocus and AF point

Autofocus is the central pillar of D500. It is the reason why many photographers consider it. The camera comes with a pack of 153-points Multi-CAM 20K autofocus system. It has 99 cross-type points. Also, the camera contains a sensitive AF central point of-4EV. This aspect is higher than that of other models of this series that stand at -3EV. With this, it is easier to take images on areas with low lights.

If you are considering a shooting event on a sporting activity, D500 is a good choice. The autofocus is fast and accurate. It has a higher adjustment rate in comparison with other models. Particularly, when shooting images and video on live review, the camera retains a high AF contrast detection. This aspect is unique for this model and beats other Nikon cameras. Also, you have options to adjust your settings when shooting in areas with bright lights. Hence, Nikon D500 is a good option when seeking to capture quality images on sporting activities or fast-moving objects.

Wireless and other connections

At times, you want to record movies and videos within a range. The internal-built mic may not have the capacity to capture audio or sound within that range. As such you may need an external mic. A wireless connection is a preferable option. Nikon D500 designers realized this desire. The camera can connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This model has an NFC Wi-Fi that supports SnapBridge Nikon’s new technology. The technology allows cameras and phones to connect on low power links. With it, you have an opportunity to tag images based on their locations. Also, you can share them through mobile devices.

Also, you can connect your camera with a wireless microphone and headphones. The camera comes with a range of controls and capabilities. For instance, you have a chance to record 4k half an hour clips without your camera overheating. Again, it has different cropping functionalities that enable you to get the best quality images. The noise reduction option is another great benefit of owning a Nikon D500 camera. All these aspects make the camera a great idea for capturing great images.

Nikon D500 Pricing

Nikon D500 is one of the affordable digital cameras. If you are searching for a digital camera below $1500, this should be your choice. Its price tallies with the features and image quality that offer you value for your cash.

Pros and Cons

Like other digital cameras, D500 is not virgin from positive and negative sides. The camera has several good and bad sides. Here they are:


D500 is a great camera for shooting in sporting activities. The camera has fast autofocus and accuracy. These aspects ensure that you have the ability to capture moving images at high speed. This aspect is hard to find in many cameras at this level. Also, the camera has excellent performance. It supports 4K videos a feature which is hard to find on cameras going at its price. The high-quality images is another aspect no one can underestimate.


D500 has several shortfalls. First, it has issues with wireless file transfer. The rate of transferring files is terrible in comparison with other models. Also, you will face challenges when trying to shoot a large burst. You will experience bottlenecked queues when you try this option. In addition, the Wi-Fi remote connection of this model is a challenge. The connection is very basic without exposure controls which is a bad idea.


In overall, Nikon D500 is a good camera for photographers in the sporting field. The camera has powerful features that enhance the shooting of objects in motion. Its noise sensitivity is a notable aspect that no photographer can ignore. Despite the challenges in wireless connectivity, this camera is a perfect choice for enthusiasts willing to graduate from the entry level. Its features make it a good choice for capturing images and videos on low light scenes. Hence, we recommend the camera.



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