The performance of a TV will make you enjoy watching the movies as well as exciting shows. Thus, you need one that will offer high-quality images and sound. The LG OLEDC8P has high performance as compared to other brands in the market. It has accurate colors for useful visual expressions, even in bright rooms. It becomes excellent because of its video processing options. This makes it a beautiful 4K TV for gaming and movie performance. This TV model comes with different screen sizes, which are 65-inch, 55-inch, and 77-inch. With this, you will view the images even from a large room.

OLED C8 has better screen uniformity to enhance the quality of the image. Viewing from sides makes the TV a leading brand in the market. It has wide viewing angles to help you achieve this. And because the design is the first feature that people will recognize when they enter your living room, C8 will assure you of beautiful décor. It has a striking design with a super-slim panel. The features of LG C8 are advanced, making it offer the best services. Let’s view its 5 essential features:

5 Features of LG OLEDC8P


The appearance of the C8 is excellent. It has an elegant simplicity that emphasizes the ultra-thin nature of OLED panel. Around the outer edge is black metallic trim, and the TV widens out at the bottom. There is a typical bulge at the bottom that houses the inputs, power supply, and speakers. LG C8 becomes a fantastic model because of its screen saver. It appears on the TV when it is not in use. It produces an actual framed picture, including painting and photographs of landscapes.

The TV sits on a wide, attractive, and high-quality stand that provides maximum support. Apart from supporting the TV, the stand plays a crucial role in redirecting sounds from the downward-firing speakers towards the audiences. With this, you will hear a clear dialogue and get the right message. The C8 has excellent input and outputs to enable you to transfer content from other devices. It has four HDMI ports that support 4K and HDR inputs. Three of them are located at the side, and one faces the rearwards. Also, it has three USB ports, one at the side and two facing the rearwards. Other inputs and outputs include one composite video input, optical digital video output, one RF (antenna) input, RS-232 port, Ethernet (LAN) port. The TV comes with a magic remote. It performs the same as the 2017 model, but it is a bit advanced. C8 remote is an incredibly precise motion controller and uses a combination of on-screen pointer and scroll wheel. With this, you will be able to access menus, navigate the smart platform, and control the TV.

Picture quality

The LG OLEDC8P is a TV model that delivers the best picture quality. It will allow you to enjoy pictures that are free from the crush, discoloration, and uniformity issues. It offers the best HDR and SDR images with deep blacks. It has a highly effective Alpha 9 processor that takes the HDR images and up calling them to match the native 4K resolution in the panel. LG C8 is excellent because it can clean low quality HDR images and remove unwanted noise and retaining a natural-looking image. For those who love watching in very bright places, this model is perfect for you. It has vibrant colors to enhance image quality. Also, it has every version of the dynamic range, making it ideal for watching games, movies, and TV shows. The version includes the HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), and the Dolby Vision.

Although LG OLED does not offer brightness as that of the LCD TVs, the deep blacks and definite highlight makes it perfect when it comes to brightness. The good thing about C8 is the viewing angles. Millions of people can watch this TV regardless of the screen size. It offers perfect pictures even when viewed from sides.


When it comes to producing clear sounds, the LG OLEDC8P stands out from other models. It has Alpha 9 processor that reduces the noise in the movie. It has a design that enables it to remove contours in source materials for it to produce an effective sound.

C8’S loud sound is perfect, and you can hear it from a distance. Its Alpine stand plays a crucial role in improving the sound of ultra-thin TV. Although it does not sound as good as the soundbar, you will enjoy the clear and loud sound.

Smart TV

LG’S WebOS remains the same as that of other years. However, it is highly responsive and will allow you to choose from various streaming services. The services include free view play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Also, you can move a magic remote cursor to the right-hand side of the screen to view more services. This remote has a voice search that uses a microphone. It is advanced when compared to other year’s model. It has natural language processing to make communication more effective. The voice control feature is part of the ThinQ AI, which is artificial intelligence technology. It can effectively communicate with other devices that support ThinQ.

Although the LG OLEDC8P lacks innovative extras and app-based set up of other TV brands, you can get an external streamer to get more apps.


The LG C8 is an excellent option for fast-moving content and playing video games. It has a high response rate that will make you enjoy watching. However, at some point, the response time can be slow. This C8 comes with a motion interpolation feature that will improve the response rate.

The OLED C8 has no visible backlight flicker, which helps the motion to appear smoother. Nevertheless, this can result in some blur. You can quickly minimize it by enabling the BFI option available on the TV.

Pros and cons of LG OLEDC8P

Apart from being a high performing TV, LG OLEDC8P will create a beautiful décor in your living room. It becomes a leading model in the market because of its design and features. Here are some pros and cons that make it different from others:


Excellent picture quality

Everyone wants a TV that will not disappoint in terms of performance. And because TV is mainly used for watching educational and entertaining movies and shows, you need to go for one that provides high-quality images. LG OLEDC8P becomes a leading model due to its emissive technology. It produces perfect blacks, which are essential while watching in dark rooms. Also, it provides very bright and saturated highlights, which make it an ideal model for the HDR content. It becomes excellent because of the BFI option. It will allow you to reduce blur and have a clear view.

C8 has excellent motion handling

If you want a TV model with a high response rate, you need to give C8 a priority. It will quickly respond to gamers and PC users. With this, you will not waste time when searching for content.

Professional design

OLED C8 is of high quality with thin borders, which makes it look great. It features a uniform black and dark grey color and is supported by a well-built stand.

Good viewing angles

LG C8P is a top-rated TV that will work well in both small and large rooms. It has wide viewing angles to maintain the picture quality when viewed from sides. You can introduce a lot of seats in the rooms and place them in front and sides. Everyone, including those watching from the sides will have a clear visual expression.

Highly effective smart platform

The C8 model has a smooth, easy to use interface and offers access to plenty of apps. Also, it has a new quick access button located at the top right of the main interface for easy access. The WebOS in the C8 comes with voice assistant software. It works well, with excellent responsiveness to the searches and queries.


C8 is expensive when compared to other OLED models

Millions of people will consider the quality and other prices when purchasing a TV. Although the OLED C8 has almost the same features as the C7, C8 comes with higher pricing. In this case, it becomes a bad idea for those with a fixed budget.

It does not produce much brightness as that of LCD TVs.

The C8 does not have much improvement in terms of brightness. It is slightly dimmer in SDR mode and a bit brighter in HDR. However, it cannot beat the LCD TVs like the TCL 6 series.


The LG C8 will provide an enjoyable gaming experience with HDR content. It has an Alpha 9 processor that is highly effective in enhancing the sound and image. Its motion interpolation feature will improve the response rate. Although it has high pricing as compared to other OLED TVs, it will provide the best performance. The images are great and produce excellent sound. It’s easy to use interface will allow you to operate without encountering challenges. The WebOS will let you choose from various streaming services and enjoy your favorite movies, games, and TV shows.



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