The television is becoming an essential tool in our lives. People use it as a source of inspiration, entertainment, a medium of information, and for educational value. It is for this reason why you need to purchase a high-quality device with a powerful visual effect. LG stands out to be a leading TV model because of its design and durability. However, not all LGs have excellent performance. The LG OLED65B8PUA TV series is a great brand that will provide high-quality images. It uses the Alpha 7 processor which makes it stand out when it comes to quality of the images. Its interface is friendly to allow you to use it without encountering challenges.

Although this TV model is expensive as compared to other brands, you will enjoy its design as well as performance. Its super slim panel and flat screen make it a powerful and beautiful model. Nevertheless, the panel can easily break if not handled properly. Thus, care should be your priority.

If you have a large room for viewing the TV, you should not worry about the way you are going to position your seats. You can accurately view the images at any angle. The brightness will depend on the screen content due to the ABL (Automatic Backlight Limiter). However, you can adjust the lights according to your choice. Let’s view the essential features of this brand:

7 features of LG OLED65B8PUA TV series


LG OLED65B8PUA TV series looks professional because of its sleek design. It has a built metallic backplate, thin outer edges, and a flat screen which make it different from other brands. There is a typical bulge that is located at the bottom of the TV. It houses the inputs, power supply, and speakers. This TV brand is supported by a narrow metallic stand that has a sleek angled look.

The back of the TV is plain. You will find basic cable management. There are the HDMI inputs which face the side and another secondary one facing outwards which might be difficult to access. The inputs will help you to transmit high bandwidth streams of videos and audios between devices. The panels and borders are thin and look excellent making this TV brand a fantastic model.

Picture quality

The main reason for purchasing a Television is to view high-quality images. When it comes to picture quality the LG OLED65B8PUA TV series beats all other brands. It delivers superior images in 4k ultra. Its greatest strength is that it will allow you to watch a clear video from a dark place due to its infinite contrast ratio. Its SDR peak brightness is excellent to enable the TV to work well in most rooms. Also, it has a reflection handling to let you use the TV in bright rooms. There is a glossy finish and a slight purple tint to the reflection due to antireflective coating. This brand is great because of its excellent viewing angle which suits the large rooms. It will allow you to view from sides without interfering with the picture quality.

Sound quality

TVs are of different performance when it comes to sound. There are those with low sound and others will provide a noisy sound which will make it difficult to get the right message. However, you can solve this problem by selecting the LG B8. It has an Alpha 7 processor to improve the sound. You will not experience noise while watching your videos or sports. However, its room correction isn’t effective, and it lacks sub-bass. In this case, it won’t produce thump to movie effect. Due to this, you will need dedicated speakers for excellent sound.

Google assistant

The Google assistant built-in feature is crucial because it will help you to control the TV using your voice. This method is easier because you will not waste time scrolling to search for a channel. With only a few minutes, you can speak in the clicker to search for your favorite TV movies and shows. Also, you can easily control smart home devices and ask for more general questions.

Apps and remote

This TV model comes with a vast number of Apps to make you active on social media, watch movies and play your favorite games. Some of the popular apps include YouTube, Netflix and Amazon videos. Nevertheless, you can download more for fun.

With a remote, it will be easier to control the LG OLED65B8PUA TV series from a far distance. It will help you to whip around the screen and find a movie, channel or app of your choice. The remote has a mix of Google assistance and ThinQ AI (Artificial Intelligence).


The speed at which the LG OLED65B8PUA TV series responds is high. This makes it great for fast-moving content and playing games. There is no backlight flicker hence the motion appear smoother. However, it results in some blur. You can easily minimize the blur by enabling the FBI option that is available on the TV.

WebOS menu system

Having the right operating system is essential because it enhances the performance of your TV. The LG B8 series comes with the user-friendly WebOS system that allows you to change and add features and thus enhance the performance. This WebOS has horizontal scrolling lists that will enable you to access the content and the apps. You can adjust the running order of the apps in the scrolling bar for the best apps to appear at the top. With this, you will spend less time searching for your favorite app.

Pro and cons of LG OLED65B8PUA TV series

However, as usual, every gadget has its pros and cons, and that goes for the LG OLED65B8PUA TV. The pros and cons that we discuss in this article will let you in on the main benefits and challenges you are likely to encounter while using the TV and how you can overcome them.


LG OLED65B8PUA TV gives a high-quality image

Image quality is what makes the LG B8 a great TV model. It has perfect black levels, and superior contrast that make the image to impact more with SDR and HDR. The excellent colors and great bright room picture will allow you to view the TV regardless of the room’s status-either dark or bright. The organic light-emitting diode does not require a separate or colored filter because every pixel will act as its light source.

This is in contrast with the LCD TVs that usually suffer from halo effects around brightly lit objects against dark backgrounds. Also clouding usually occurs on large dark sections of the screen. With the LG B8,  you will not get such challenges.

LG B8 has a beautiful and professional design

The design conveys a crucial message about the TV. The LG B8 is light and has a super-slim panel which makes it look beautiful. Transferring this TV from place to place is easy because it is light.

It is eco-friendly

Polluting the environment is prohibited in all countries. Most governments around the world have enacted laws that citizens to keep the environment clean and safe. The LG OLED disposals are less harmful to the environment making it eco-friendly.

LG OLED65B8PUA TV series is easy to use

In some cases, challenges when setting up your TV can cost you extra dollars and most of your time. However, with LG B8, you can easily do it without the help of a professional. Its guides are easy to read which comes in handy when challenges occur.


LG B8 series is costly as compared to other TV models

Most of the people will consider price before purchasing an item. The LG B8 pricing is on a higher side which can affect those with budgetary constraints. However, it has advanced features that make it to perform better than other models. Also, it is durable, which saves you lots of dollars in maintenance.

Its brightness is not excellent when compared to the LCD TV

The brightness is essential for boosting the video performance. Although the LG B8 will provide an outstanding visual impact, it cannot beat the LCD TVs. The OLED pixel produces its light while the LCD uses a backlight to illuminate their pixels. This makes the LCD better that OLED B8 when it comes to brightness.

LG OLED65B8PUA Series Conclusion

LG B8 is a 4k OLED TV that is advanced and produces the best images and sound. It delivers the most impressive HDR images. If it’s your first time to use this brand, you should not worry about its interface. It is easy to use and will provide the best experience. Its responsiveness will work well for the gamers and those watching movies. This brand comes with several inputs and outputs to allow you to transfer data, films, and audio. It has 3 USB ports, one video input, optical digital audio output, 4 HDMI outputs, one RF input, and RS-232 port-for interchange of serial binary data between devices.



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