For the last two years, the AirPods truly wireless headphone has had a huge monopoly. The AirPods was first created by Apples in 2016 and quickly became a market craze, with its popularity spreading like wildfire. Then came the Jabra Elite 65t and the Elite Active 65 t models in quick succession and the equation changed.

Today, the later models of truly wireless headphones can rightfully stake a claim as the top viable alternatives to AirPods. Two key factors contribute: The Jabra Elite 65t and the Elite Active 65t headphones have highly improved noise-isolation and secure-fitting features that, in a way, trump the AirPods.

Popular Features of the Jabra Elite Active 65t Headphones

  • Each piece is fitted with 2 microphones
  • You can make calls easily
  • Long battery life (can go for 5 hours)
  • The charging case affords user 2 extra hours
  • Reliable performance
  • Its quick-charge feature pumps in 1.5 hours after just 15 minutes
  • fits securely and comfortably on the user
  • perfect sound quality
  • sweat-resistant
  • earphones are truly wireless

Overall, the Jabra Elite wireless headphones clearly trump AirPods on matters like sound quality. This is not to say that the AirPods have no advantage over the Jabra Elite wireless headphones.

Advantage over AirPods

It is notable that AirPods are not the best headphones to use when racing or for general sports. Why? They do not fit securely on the ears. In contrast, the Jabra Elite 65t headphones fit better on the user. Moreover, they have a feature that effectively sieves out ambient noise. Because the AirPods design is largely open, you might find that they sometimes allow sound in.

The Jabra Elite 65 t headphones are a decidedly better deal for runners and bikers. They are designed with the Hear-Through-transparency mechanism which is an important safety feature for sportsmen and women. The user can just toggle on it in the Jabra Sound app.

Advantages of the Jabra Companion App:

  1. It enables you to tweak the music sound profile. Use the equalizer tool to manage this.
  2. Allows you to adjust the degree for sound as you prefer.
  3. Enables you to pause the music automatically when the bud is off the ear.
  4. Easily enables you to skip tracks back and forward. To do this, just hold down the volume-button for up and down.
  5. Allows you to choose a voice assistant. In case you have 10’s devices toggle between Alexa and Siri.

NB: The Alexa voice assistant devices would likely be more useful if the twin microphones were, at all times, left open for command-issuing. As it is, you first have to press and hold a button and wait for the beep before giving your commands. Notably, most modern wireless headphones can do this without the need for a virtual assistant.

Nevertheless, these wireless headphones work wonderfully. They even allow you, when making calls, to hear your own voice in the gadget. What is more, with these, you can easily audio-synch and even video-synch. Without a doubt, these gadgets are open to future improvement. This means that we can expect many good tidings in the future.

Can You Pair Jabra Headphones with Your Computer?

The answer is yes and no. When you buy the headphones, you also get an important disclaimer from Jabra. It states that Jabra headsets are specifically designed for use with phones. They were not designed to be used directly with computers. It adds that any attempted pairing may only succeed with audio streaming, excluding the call- control features which are not functional with a good number of computers. Nevertheless, some users have succeeded to pair Jabra headsets with their computers. However, this may only be for limited use. Even then, the audio quality will differ from one model of computer to another.

What Sound Quality Can You Expect with Jabra Headsets?

Recent research suggests that the Jabra Elite Active 65t headsets can be listed among the best-sounding truly wireless gadgets. It also showed that with these you can easily maximize sound quality. This is because they generally fit better than the Jabra Elite Sport does.

Interestingly, the study showed that when it comes to measuring sound quality, there was no significant difference in performance between the Jabra Elite 65 t type and the Jabra Elite Active 65t. Results indicate that they sounded much the same. Even so, the Jabra Elite Active 65 t sound seemed to be slightly better than AirPods’. Overall, in this category, Bose’s Sound sport Free came tops in terms of sound quality ranking.

Jabra Elite Active 65t vs. Bose

Considering design, Bose’s charging-case is a bit larger than Jabra’s. However, Jabra proved better on making calls. Further, the controls and buttons worked best on Jabra. Bose’s sound quality can actually be amazing. Many have marveled at the effect produced by such brands as Bose QC25 and Bose QC35. And everybody agrees that Bose is simply trendy; the in thing in the game. At the end of the day, Bose has some glaring weaknesses. To help us make an informed comparison, let us consider a few of these:

Disadvantages Using Bose

  • The cushions used in the gadget are generally low quality. This means you will need to replace them constantly. This can cost you as much as 35 dollars a session.
  • You need to integrate Bose with Mac Book as the microphone. Indeed, you cannot use them as a microphone with certain programs.
  • It needs integration with applications of the smartphone to act as a microphone. Unless you do this, forget about using Bose with such important applications like Skype or telegram.
  • If not used appropriately, the sound quality can be significantly compromised leading to hearing occasional weird noises.
  • When using Bose and you are connected over the wire, you automatically lose media control. This is because in such situations you cannot use media keys at all.
  • Both Bluetooth and NC are accommodated in the same button. This means there is no way to use any function on its own and, therefore, significantly limiting.
  • Bose battery cannot be replaced. Obviously, this creates a limitation on its lifetime.
  • Often, the noise-canceling feature fails to work and thus leaves you exposed to unwanted noise pollution.

How Does The Elite 65t Compare with Elite Sport?

It is truly interesting to do a match-up between the Jabra Active Elite 65t versus the Jabra Elite Sport. Let us, however, start with a comparison of two close siblings.

Jabra Elite Active 65t v. Jabra Active Elite 65t:

A general review of the features of the new Jabra Elite Active 65t headset reveals some important issues. This headset now features a highly improved sound quality, has a super refined and comfortable design and better battery life. It also affords excellent call quality and voice support for major virtual assistants like the Alexa-on-the-go from Amazon.

The more recent Jabra Active Elite 65t is virtually identical to the Jabra Elite 65t except for some minor differences. These include:

  • It has a grippier finish.
  • It has features to support added sweat resistance. This has a rating of IP56, compared with the standard elite 65 t whose rating is IP55.
  • It has an accelerometer built in.
  • Its charging case has a quick-charge feature that adds 1.5 hours of performance after only 15 minutes.

Verdict? While these little upgrades added to the Jabra Active Elite 65t cannot be said to make a big difference, it certainly does make what was already excellent to become better. All these certainly make the Jabra Active Elite 65 headphone to get a winning edge over its sibling, the Jabra Elite 65 t.

Popular Features of the Jabra Elite Sport:

The Jabra Elite Sport has been described as the veritable modern athlete headset. Some of its popular features include:

  1. Has an integrated fitness app that athletes can use to modernize training. It is able to monitor heart rate, analyze a trainee’s fitness and give personalized coaching at the same time.
  2. It features personalized audio-coaching that is useful as athlete trains.
  3. Its design is fully waterproof.
  4. The charging case offers an extra 9 hours to battery life.
  5. It offers a combined 13.5 hours playtime in both charging case and earbuds.
  6. Produces high-quality sound.
  7. Allows a secure wireless fit.
  8. Has the Hear Through, Siri, Pair Mode, and Google Now.
  9. It’s equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1.

Jabra Active Elite 65t v. Jabra Elite Sport:

How do these market titans compare? The Jabra Active Elite 65t, unlike the Elite Sport, does not have a built-in monitor for heart-rate. There are some positive effects of this intentional omission. The product manufacturers, after dispensing with the monitor, were apparently able to simplify the way the gadget operates and also trim down the design. Also, the battery life was improved. It can now do 2 more hours. In comparison, the Elite sport can do up to 4.5 hours.

This improvement on battery power meant that the Jabra Active Elite was now actually at par with the AirPods in terms of longevity, with both doing 5 hours. The new charging case of the Jabra Elite can give you an extra 2 charges. The downside is that it is slightly bigger than AirPods’ charging case. Whatever the case, the charging case still maintains a compact design and fits well into the pocket. In this context, the Jabra Elite Active 65t certainly got its design right and qualifies as the best headphone to rival AirPods.

While the Jabra Active Elite 65t is generally not a sports model, it boasts an IPP-rated design. It is also dust-resistant and splash-resistant. What this means is that you can use it safely in the gym. This model of a headset is, in the final analysis, considered as reasonably durable.


Both the Jabra Active Elite and the Elite Sports fit well in the ear and can be described as sporty. It is always possible, while racing, to use the accelerometer attached here, to count your steps. This you do using Jabra’s sound app. It’s important to note that both the Jabra Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t feature Bluetooth 5.0. This creates a more stable wireless connection coupled with fewer drop-outs.

The Jabra Elite added features that make it ride high include the earphone design. It has three ear tips of different sizes. While they have no wings or fins for more attachment, it’s remarkable that they still come out securely fitted on the ears. Indeed, the tight seal achieved compares well with those found in the Jaybird Run truly wireless headsets.


From this consideration, we have tackled the Jabra Elite active 65t review in comparison with the Jabra Active Elite 65t and the Jabra Elite Sport models. We can come to a consensus. A fair projection of the best headphones in 2019 must include all the big names, including such household brands as the Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless, Sony WH, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and the Bose Quiet Comfort. We can safely conclude that the Jabra Elite Active 65t truly wireless headphones are the best product in the market to rival or supersede Apples AirPods. Indeed, The Jabra Elite 65t today ranks among the best headphones in the market in 2019.



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