Enormous Power, Portability, and Capability

The Pro’s

The iPad Pro 10.5 inch is a tablet that is built today for tomorrow. It features high-end hardware capable of upgrading to the new IOS 11. It also has a superb display with a faster refresh rate, it’s bigger, and in a still compact size. This means that when you have a faster refresh rate Display, then the stylus will also respond fast. It has a better camera and a fast processing speed.

The Con’s

Most of the cutting edge features that are on this iPad Pro 10.5 inch are designed to sit in wait of the IOS 11, so if the user does not upgrade to the new IOS 11, then he will have to forego these features, which in my view is as good as attempting to drive a new Prado without wheels. Hack that!

The line in the sand

Apples iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2017 has made great strides towards its self-improvement on the already perfect features like photo, video and drawing abilities. But even with this good qualities, the real iPad Pro 10.5 inch only crawls out of hibernation once the IOS 11 is installed. With this in mind, the potential of this gadget only comes to the fore with the new IOS.

Apples iPad’s have undergone hardware upgrades, especially in the display, offering two display screen sizes 12.9 inch and 10.5 inches. But as you guessed it right, minus the IOS 11, all these efforts come a cropper. The new software offers app management and file management which makes it almost computer-like. It also features screen splits where the user can manipulate data on multi-screen on the same window. This feature squarely puts the iPad Pro 10.5 inch on top of the high-end market gadget.

What are the dimensions of the 10.5 iPad pro?

The actual size of the iPad Pro 10.5″ is as follows:

  • Depth 6.1mm (0.24 Inch)
  • Height: 250.6mm ( 9.87 Inch)
  • Weight: 469g (16.54 oz)
  • Width: 174.1mm ( 6.85 Inch)
  • Screen-size: 10.5 Inch (266.7mm)
  • Resolution : 2224×1688


How much is the 10.5 iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro 10.5 inches’ base model starts at $645 with a capacity of 64GB. But if you want to go for the cellular model, you fork out $779. You can get the 256GB model for $749, while the cellular one up to the highs of $879. As for the one with a capacity of 512GB, it goes for $ 949 while the cellular one will demand $ 1,079 from your wallet.

The size

If you take 9.7 inches and you thin out the bezels considerably, then you can fit in a larger display in the same iPad without increasing its size. This is what Apple did to achieve the iPad pro 10.5 inches without as much as altering the form factor and effectively killing two birds with one stone – a larger display of 10.5 inches and a weight that is slightly less than a pound. The result is a device that is easily portable and can be held by one hand.


The 10.5 inch iPad Pro can be used as the main computer especially when traveling. The device is portable and can be held using one hand comfortably. Using the smart keyboard, you can use the device for typing, emailing, reading and even watching TV.

The performance of Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 is unmistakably great with an A10X Fusion chip and doubled the RAM to 40GB. It has processing speed of up to 30% faster than in previous iPad’s Pro gen and 40% faster graphics.


If there is a feature that defines the future of the iPad Pro generation, then it’s what is called the ProMotion. This feature automatically adjusts the display’s refresh rate of up to 120Hz (double the LCD standard of 60Hz). It ensures that the screen can be refreshed twice as quick to pick up new pixels that show up on the screen, making for a more responsive interface.


The iPad 10.5 inch puts up a spirited show of 10 hours on a full charge; this is because to conserve battery life, ProMotion can also slow down the refresh rate, especially when doing heavy computing stuff like watching a movie or simply playing a game. While most iPad is inferior to the power that this iPad packs, then previous 9.7 inch iPad Pro is on the same scale as the 10.5.

This iPad makes for the ideal portable device owing to all its good qualities. It’s for this reason that it has become my iPad of choice. I know that as a consumer of gadgets, I’m spoilt for choice, and the choices are wholly dependent on battery life, faster refresh rate, great aesthetics, faster refresh rate, and ProMotion. This baby completely and obediently has all that and a hell lot more.


Apple Smart Accessories only work with the iPad Pro model. Though they provide a full iPad Pro experience, you have to purchase them separately hence you need to consider the additional costs.

Some of the accessories that can be purchased for Apples 10.5 inch iPad Pro is the external keyboard which can come in handy especially to the users who find the display keyboard to be quite a challenge to use. This Apple’s smart keyboard goes for $159. It gives you the power of standard PC keyboard.

Apple Pencil is still the same as before, meaning the previous stylus still works pretty much as before, but the ProMotion technology makes it even more responsive on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Its latency was brought down to 20 ms. This for sure comes hot on the heels of the Microsoft Surface pen by one ms since the surface pen has a latency of 21 ms.

The ios

The Apples iPad Pro 10.5 inches’ full potential and real experience comes with the IOS 11 which can run the hardware and stretch the usability levels of this device to un imaginary levels. The iPad IOS 11 definitely seeks to bench the IOS 10, and it is rumored as the rear wheels that will roll Apples IPad Pro to the next gen of technology. The new productivity feature on the IOS 11 can have four apps open at the same time. This, in essence, means that you can be able to have two apps open in split view, and again bringing up the third app as a slide Over, and in the meantime using the fourth app as a picture in picture video-cool stuff!

When software meets hardware, there is a whole new world of technological experience. Therefore, with IOS 11 in the market and with the updates put out there to mitigate any new challenges, I guess the consumers of this product can only expect better experiences.

Bottom line

The iPad Pro is built for a long-haul run, brings home competition to serious machines like the MacBook. The gadget almost effortlessly replaces even the desktop and can also be seen as the main computer system. Apple’s futuristic endeavors seem geared towards wireless mobile computing. This is evidenced by the type of gadgets that they are putting out there on the market, and this is the perfect giveaway, albeit the lack of pronouncement on the matter from Apple.

Mostly, Apple is churning out laptops more like Tablets. A good example is the 12 inch MacBook. This gadget spots one USB –C type port on its system architecture. It looks quite limiting because it takes away the juice of traditional computing. Thank God the iPad Pro does not find itself in the mix of the same issues. If you prefer your main computer to hook up to a printer easily, or access files from any other third-party peripherals, a MacBook Pro may be your gadget of choice.

Apples iPad Pro 9.7 inch comes ready to hit the road running. It’s built to accept marriage proposals from the iOS 11. So instead of upgrading from your 9.7-inch iPad Pro, you may need to put your hands on the new iOS to marry your gadget to a life partner who will assist him in his daily endeavors. However, if you desire to replace your MacBook with a powerful iPad as your main computer, then this model is the best way to go about it. With this new software and the hardware on the iPad Pro, then this gadget is probably built for tomorrow today, and so its common knowledge that it will be around for a while.

Should you buy this iPad?

The simple answer is yes! The portability is right; aesthetics feels great, the speed is fast, interfacing ports are compatible to most third-party peripherals and best of all you are buying a machine that will effortlessly be here tomorrow when you need to upgrade the software. The hardware on the iPad Pro will be compatible with high-end software’s, updates and any other additional peripherals that you will throw at it. This is the best iPad that I have used so far, so you should go out there have the great feeling that this gadget brings to the fore.

How long will it last?

When the manufacturer creates a product for the market, the first question on their mind is whether the product will withstand the competition. Will the product have a long shelf life? The iPad Pro is built with that in mind. It’s a gadget made today for tomorrow. It’s a gadget that leaves nothing to chance in the way of portability, aesthetics, system architecture, storage, memory capacity, long battery life, fast refresh rate and high end A 10X fusion chip, which gives it the power and excellent performance. This gadget is made to last. It’s designed to be around for an extended period.





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