Have you ever pressed the sent button only to find out that you sent your email to the wrong recipient? Or your email had typos, or it may be that in a fete of anger, you wrote an email, and after sending it, you wish you hadn’t. It has happened to me so many times, and it can be quite embarrassing. Today I’ll show you a simple hack on how to recall an email on Gmail.

How to Recall an Email on Gmail

Many people don’t know that Gmail provides you with a feature to recall an email after you have sent it. Gmail’s undo functionality is among the most useful features as well as the most unknown. It offers you the ability to recall your emails within 30 seconds of sending them.

Without much ado, here are the 7 easy steps to recall an email on Gmail

  1. Log in to your Gmail account using your email id and password and go to the settings gear found on the top-right corner of your email dashboard.
  2. Click the General tab you find in the settings
  3. Go to the ‘undo send option’ and click on the ‘enable undo send option’
  4. Choose the cancellation period. It ranges from 5-30 seconds
  5. Click on save changes. That’s it; you can now use the unsend feature on Gmail
  6. Using ‘undo send option to recall an email on Gmail. After you send an email, the undo send option will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  7. Recall your email. You can recall your email by clicking on the unsend option within the life span chosen by you (5-30 seconds)

What is Gmail? And is it secure enough to protect your emails?

Gmail is a free email service developed and ran by Google. It is a cloud-based solution that enables people and businesses to send, receive, organize, translate and schedule emails across multiple user accounts. You can easily access the service on the web or use third-party programs that synchronize email content via POP or IMAP protocols. You can send large files by merely inserting files from Google Drive to your message.

Gmail works on all your devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, and OS X. It allows you to sync across your devices and the web. Hence, you can see mail across all your devices.

Some of the features you get with Gmail include:

  • Google business
  • 15 GB of free data
  • Google drive
  • Google meet
  • Ability to sign-up with other

Is Gmail secure?

Of course, yes. It is encrypted with TLS while sending your data. Furthermore, it uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption to protect your emails at rest. You can improve your Gmail security by encrypting your emails using a paid G Suite account or using a third-party plugin. It is strongly advisable to use strong passwords and also enforce 2-step verification. It would help if you also learned to recognize phishing attempts. A competent VPN also comes in handy.

Final Thoughts

I’ve just given you the easy steps to recall an email on Gmail. However, you need to configure your email settings before you can unsend an email. Gmail is secure; however, you can improve your email security with the tips I have given you above.

Have you ever sent an email and wished you hadn’t? Were you able to unsend the email? You are welcome to share your experience and thoughts in our comments section.



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