If your Samsung machine displays the SUD error code, it’s a tell-tale sign that you are using too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent. It could also be a result of clogging in the washing machine’s drainage system. This short guide will show you how to fix SUD error code to have a stress-free washing.

Here is my video with instructions on how to resolve the SUD error on your Samsung Front Load Washing machine.

What is SUD on a Samsung washer?

Many people have written to me with the question, “Why does my washing machine display SUDS on the screen?” The sudsing usually occurs if you use too much detergent or a high sudsing detergent, leading to an overflow. If your washing machine displays the SUD error on the screen, most probably, it has detected an over-sudsing condition. Normally, it stops until the suds dissipate. The SUD error code is usually caused by too much detergent or using the wrong type of detergent.

New model washing machines do not use a lot of water like their predecessors. Hence, if you use more soap, it will result in excessive suds. This machine requires High-Efficiency detergent.

How to fix SUD error

If you are in the middle of a wash and your machine suddenly stops and displays a SUD error, you need to give it time for the suds to dissipate. Your washer will resume with the wash. Get rid of the excess powder by running the washing machine without clothes. Set along wash cycle at a high temperature;

However, your washer will have communicated to you that you are either using too much soap or the wrong type of detergent.

Steps to take:

1. You should cut the amount of the detergent.
2. You must only use High-Efficiency Detergent (HE detergent).

While the suds error code usually occurs due to using too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent, it may also be due to clogging in the drainage system. Hence, if you are not using too much detergent, and you only use HE detergent for your wash. The chances are that your washing machine has a drainage issue. If that is the case, you should clean your washing machine pump filter because, in most cases, it is clogged.

How to clean the pump filter

It would help if you located the small access door located on your machine’s front side. Press it inside to open. Inside, you will find the pump filter and the emergency drain hose. Before you open the pump filter, it’s advisable first to open the emergency hose and drain any water thats in the drum. Opening the pump filter can result in water flooding your floor.
After you have drained the water, close the emergency hose cap and return it to its position. Now you can open the pump filter and remove all the lint and any items you find inside there. Wash it and return it back. In most cases, you will have resolved the SUD error.

If you removed and cleaned the detergent draw like in my video and the pump filter, and you are still getting the error, it could be due to partial obstruction in the hose or branch pipe. You need to clean these parts as well.

Disconnect the drain hose from the machine and clean it using a wire.

In the case of the branch pipe, take it out of the washer and clean it. The easiest way is to access it through the bottom of the machine as follows:

1. Put the washing machine on its side;
2. Remove the bottom carefully if there is any;
3.Loosen the pipe clamps attaching the branch pipe to the tub and the pump;
4. Wash the element and reinstall it.

Should your washing machine continue displaying the SUD error after the above fix, you need to seek professional help because the pressure switch is broken or a malfunction of the foam level sensor requiring replacement.


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