While washing machines bring about convenience in our homes, they can cause you a lot of strain if not appropriately maintained. If you use a Samsung washing machine, the 5C error is expected if you do not clean your machine correctly. Most people clean the outside of their washing machine forgetting that the inside has to be cleaned as well. We walk you through the steps on how to clean Samsung washing machine to make it efficient.

How to clean Samsung washing machine:

When your Samsung washing machine is blocked, it shows the 5C error. Hence, you should clean your washing machine properly to avoid such errors. You can watch our video on how to clean front load washing machine demo:

Without much ado, let’s get on it:

The important areas to clean include:

1. Washing machine detergent compartment drawer

The washing detergent drawer usually becomes messy because that is where you pour the detergent and your softener before you begin washing. Hence it’s prone to mold and mildew. To clean the detergent tray requires that you remove the detergent drawer completely. Refer to the above video on how you should go about removing the compartment draw. Once it’s out, you can use a brush and wash it with running water. Before you return it, you should also clean the drawer cavity to remove soap scum. In case there’s mold, you can use white vinegar.

2. The washing machine door gasket

The washing machine door gasket is another area that accumulates a lot of dirt and is prone to mold and mildew if not cleaned properly. Hence it would help if you cleaned the place thoroughly to prevent mold and other bacteria. To clean, you need water and a piece of cloth. Make sure to lift the gasket to clean it properly. You can refer to the above video.

3. The emergency hose pipe

To prevent or remove clogging, you need to clean the washing machine pump filter. However, you need fast to drain water using the emergency hose pipe. If you do not drain water from the pump, a ton of water can spew from it flooding the floor of your house.

4. The pump filter

After draining the water from the drum using the emergency hose pipe, you can now open the pump filter. Make sure to clean and remove all dirt and items you find there. Remove all the clogging and wash the pump filter and return it. You can refer to the above video on how to clean the pump filter.

5. The water inlet mesh filter

The inlet mesh filter is found at the back of your machine. Begin by opening the inlet pipe, and use pliers to pull the mesh filter. Wash it, and let it dry under the shade. After it’s dry, use the pliers to return it to its position.

This guide is for cleaning the Samsung Eco bubble front load washing machine. However, you can use this washing machine demo to clean other washing machines like the LG front load washing machine, whirlpool front load washing machine, Bosch front load washing machine, and many others.

Washing machine cleaning will help remove dirt, mold and kill the bacteria in the drum.
After the above cleaning, you should finish by running the eco drum clean washing cycle to remove dirt and kill bacteria.

How to run the eco drum cleaning cycle:

1. Switch on your washing machine
2. Select the eco drum clean wash cycle
3. Press the start button

You can refer to the above video to learn how to run the ecobubble clean cycle on your Samsung washing machine.

After cleaning your machine, it is advisable to open the detergent draw and the drum door and leave them open to allow air to flow in.

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