The Strength

The Google Pixel C is encased in a slim, compact aluminum body that feels solid and sturdy. Since it does not have a keyboard connector, there is an optional Bluetooth keyboard. It is compact and robust coupled with a powerful long-life battery. The screen has an excellent resolution which displays colorful and crisp images. It exhibits bursts of speed. And yes if you want a device with great gaming graphics, then this is your Tablet of choice.

The weakness

The device is bulkier, especially when attached to the keyboard. The keyboard comes as an accessory. So, it will cost you extra cash since you have to purchase it separately.

The Bottom Line

The Google pixel C is priced at $500. The price feels right especially if you keep in mind the fact that it’s a high-end device. The aesthetics are good, and the design is compact. It has  fantastic display on the screen, excellent performance, and long-dependable battery life. In the UK the gadget is priced at 335 pounds.

The design

The tablet’s aluminum design is both elegant and robust. Add to that its optional magnetic Bluetooth keyboard, which is cut from the same material. The tablet turns into a productivity-geared hybrid. This device together with its pricing places it at the numeral uno, elbowing hardcore devices like the Microsoft Surface 3 as well as the iPad Air 2. The Surface features professional functionalities like those of a notebook. The iPad on the other hand works best for leisure activities like gaming and streaming videos. Pixel C is known for its notoriety of sitting itself on the fence doing a bit of what the two iPads can do.

Three critical facts set the Google Pixel C apart from its peers especially the iPad Air 2. It competes with iPad Air 2 as the best overall tablet. If I’m to choose one among the two, I will go for Google Pixel C because of its excellent keyboard design, a gorgeous screen as well as its speedy performance.

During the Pixel C launch by Google at its Nexus 5X and 6P event back in October 2015, it was evident that Google could not hide their fray nerves, because just with every new product on the market, the manufacturer may never know how it will be received on the market. But with this launch, it awakened giants who had gone into brief innovation sojourns, into starting their engines and attempting to fire from all cylinders. The rivals who put up some of the most daring competition were the iPad Pro 9.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Google Pixel C Specifications

Display is 10.

2 inch LTPS, LCD, 2560X1800 onboard storage (308 ppi) 500 nit brightness sRGB Color Gamut.


Internal storage-32GB to 64GB

Camera- 2mp front and 8mp rear

Battery-34.2 WHr (9243 mAh)

Charging via USB



System Architecture

Having partnered for the longest time with companies like HTC and Asus to manufacture some of the best Android Tablets, Google finally decided to build their own Android Tablet from scratch. And this following the release of Google Pixel C can be seen to answer to one saying – saving best for last.

The Pixel C has one of the best aesthetics in the iPad market. Its body has an anodized aluminum frame that looks swav and sleek like an Apple Tablet. It’s beautiful, stable and smooth. To accommodate its large battery, the Pixel C is thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2. However, it still feels comfortable to hold both in hand for a long time, and it does not weigh down on a person.

Fantastic Keyboard

The keyboard on the Pixel C is just a marvel to work upon, it charges by induction. When it’s magnetized, it attaches itself to the aluminum body of the Tablet. This keyboard does not feel as cramped up as other keyboards, because it looks tiny, yet it’s unsuspectingly roomier. The other main keys are hairs away to being full-sized, but as you will notice, the Enter and Tab keys are brought down a peg. This keyboard is just the best I have used so far.

But how does it work? When it’s magnetically charged, attach the keyboard onto the tablet. It will automatically connect via Bluetooth without the need to configure the settings to connect it to the Bluetooth, this process works very fast most of the time, but at times it takes longer to connect within splits of seconds.

Other than typing to input data, the keyboard is also tasked as the removable body armor of the tablet. The best part about it is that the keyboard is made from the same aluminum material as the Tablet, and so it adds to its beauty and style. And once the keyboard has married itself to the Tablet, its looks seem like for better or for worst until you decide to do them apart, because the bond is very tight. The keyboard dock transforms the Pixel C from a standard Android tablet into a hybrid laptop.

Considerably heavier

Weighing in at 517g it’s considerably heavier than the similarly proportioned iPad Pro 9.7, which taps in at 437g – although the Pro 9.7 is shorter, narrower and thinner than the 242 x 179 x 7mm Google Pixel C.

But the design is not without flaws, and like all good things, the pixel C’s design does not have a trackpad, and it makes it a bit bulky. Another flaw on the keyboard is that its prone to stuck keys.


Google Pixel C runs the latest version of Android Marshmallow 6.0, and Since it’s a Google device, your guess is as good as mine, it is a willing reveler upon the Google Apps because it’s built to get hooked upon them.

Another good thing about the Tablet is that it works hand-in-glove with the OK Google voice search. On the top part of the tablet, there are four microphones. Google may have easily put more microphones to increase the sensitivity of the Pixel C to capture “OK Google” wherever it is placed.

The Google Pixel C Camera

Google Pixel C comes with cameras both in the front and on the rear. The front camera features a 2mp sensor hence, its only ideal for video calls and not selfies. The rear camera features the 8mp sensor and is ideal for taking photos. However, the fact that the camera lacks flash means it doesn’t perform well in low lighting.

Warranty for the gadget

Like all gadget manufacturer’s, Google offers a standard one-year warranty on the Pixel. You can also get device protection if you sign up but at a fee of $100. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry about high repair costs after damaging your phone. They provide same day replacement of the device subject to the approval of your claim by Google. Towards this end, Google has partnered with Assurant to provide replacement services.   Each claim is subjected to a deductible of $80 for the pixel and $100 for pixel XL. This will avail you the ability to file up to two claims of accidental damage coverage within the two-year term.

Other than prompt repairs and replacements, Google also offers you 24/7 support for the pixel. In case you run into any issues, you only need to visit the Settings menu, and you can trigger a call or start a chat with a specialist.

Any competition of note?

Yes, there are many alternatives to the Google pixel C. Since most manufacturers are going for more affordable devices and its evident that the mid-range and the budget devices market is booming right now, there are many Android smartphones available that offer flagship specs at $250 less than the Pixel, like the OnePlus 3T, ZTE Axon 7. Others are the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8 as which are other great options to pick from, but my recommendation still is the google pixel c, and the reason for this is because it’s possible to download security patches and software updates regularly.

Again like I have argued before in my other reviews, all that glitters is not gold. This device does not have waterproofing. At this price range, it should compete with devices in its category —the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, LG G6, and Galaxy S8 which are all waterproof devices.




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