Are you searching for a top-rated and advanced digital camera? If so, Fujifilm X100F should be your first consideration. Fujifilm is not a new name in the camera industry. It has been in existence for several decades. The brand is a favorite with many camera fans and photographers. If you are unaware, it is the newest member of the Fujifilm X100 camera series. It comes with great features that make it stand out among its competitors.

Fujifilm X100F has a unique and updated APS-C-size sensor that enhances your shooting sharpness. Also, it has other design layouts and notable improvements that make it unique from other cameras. Here is a detailed review of the Fujifilm X100F camera to help you make your purchase decisions.

Fujifilm X100F Features

Like other products, the features of a camera are a crucial tool for decision making. Considering the features can help you predict the possible outcome and value for your cash. X100F comes with great features that distinguish it from other series to make it stand out in the photography and videography industry. Here is a number of them:

APS-C size sensor with advanced filters

A sensor is an essential property in a camera. It is the determiner of the image sharpness and resolution. X100F comes with a 24.3 Megapixels X-Trans CMOS sensor. This sensor allows you to capture excellent images. Also, it enhances the quality of photos and expands the viewfinder to offer the best experience.

Apart from this, the sensor has low-pass filters which enable you to exercise your artistic professionalism. The camera has an array of eight filters for adjusting the brightness and image contrast. Hence, you can achieve the best outcome that fits your image desires.

ND filter for light manipulation

Nothing can be disheartening like taking a photo on a bright light. All you get is a pale image that is not attractive. The good news is: with Fujifilm X100F, taking photos on a bright light should no longer worry you. This camera’s lens comes with the ND filter for manipulating bright light. The filter has 3-stops that enable you to cut down the amount of light up to 1/8.

Also, it is easy to turn on and off using the camera menu or the function one. So, whether it is on a dark or bright day, X100F is your best option for capturing standing out images.

Ultrafast Electronic Shutter

Capturing every moment in an event is the desire of every photographer. You do not want any blame from your client for failing to snap a memorable moment. But for you to realize this objective, your camera must support it. Your camera’s shutting speed is the determiner of the realization of this goal or not. If your shutter takes forever to capture an image losing clients will not be avoidable.

If you have had this challenge, Fujifilm X100F is the right camera for you. It comes with an ultrafast electronic shutter with a shooting speed of 1/36000s. The speed enables you to capture great images on daylight. In addition, it comes with autofocus and autoexposure that allows you to continue shooting. With it, you can shoot up to 7 images at a go.

The best thing about this camera is that you do not have to announce you’re capturing images. The camera developers understand the need for respecting quiet places such as churches. It does this through offering an option for switching off the shutting sound. Hence, it is excellent for capturing images in quiet places.

Autofocus with expanded AF detection area

Have you ever tried to shoot an image on the low-contrast area or one with bad weather? If so, you can confirm that it was the tough experience. The designers of Fujifilm X100F realized this challenge and developed a solution to it. The designers increased this camera’s phase detection area by 230% from previous models. As a result, the camera has 91 focus points which are an addition of 42 points on the previous models which had 49 focus points.

With this, the camera has high speed and accuracy level. Also, the AF detection algorithms went through an update. The update enhanced the ability for the camera to capture images on areas with low contrast or overcast weather. Apart from this, the AF comes with six choice modes. The modes enable you to capture images on different shutting scenes.

For instance, the camera comes with AF-S which is a suitable option for capturing stationary elements. Also, it has AF-C an option for shutting moving objects. It has single and multiple AF options for enhancing your focus levels. Hence, you no longer face challenges of shutting images under any conditions.

High speed and powerful X-processor

The processor of an image is a crucial element to consider. Even though your camera has an outstanding design, AF detection, and accuracy, poor performing processor is a disgrace. It will reduce its effectiveness and performance. Fujifilm X100F comes with a powerful X-processor. This processor is the image processing unit and comes with four times speed compared with previous models.

With this, the camera has a high shooting speed that allows one to capture moving objects with high accuracy. Also, it enhances the camera’s startup time. You do not need to wait for an hour for the camera to power on. Hence, you cannot miss any fascinating moment you want to keep as a memory.

Hybrid viewfinder

Viewing what you are shooting outstandingly is a step to enhancing photography professionalism. Fujifilm X100F comes with an advanced hybrid viewfinder which features both optical and electronic viewfinders. Also, it has a viewfinder switch lever that allows you to switch instantly from the two options. Hence, you have an opportunity to enhance your shooting experience and accuracy level.

Fujifilm X100F Pricing

The next thing you need to pay attention to when considering a digital camera is the price. Particularly when you’re a new entrant in the photography field, you do not need to drain your pocket going for an expensive camera. Fujifilm X100F is a relatively affordable camera. If you are looking for cameras below $1500, this camera is a perfect choice. It goes for $1299 (at the writing of this review). Hence, if you need to move your shooting experience to high gear, you should consider this model.

Pros and Cons

As a potential buyer, it is essential to understand the good and the bad side of your product. Such information can help you make a conscious decision. Like other products, Fujifilm X100F has its pros and cons. Here they are:


The first good thing about the camera is the production of high quality photos. With the autofocus system and powerful processor, you will always get the best quality images. Also, the camera has a number of improvements from past models. Some of them are enhanced focus points. This aspect enhances capturing accuracy and speed. It is hard to find the aspect on many digital cameras at the X100F level.

Also, the weather is not an obstacle to your capturing experience. Whether you want to capture a photo on a place like sub-Saharan Africa where temperatures hit 40 degrees, or at the North Pole where 0˚C is the normal temperature, you can do it. The camera can operate on 0 – 40 degrees temperatures. Also, it can work on 10-80% humidity without condensation. Again its design, shutter and lens speed, sensor type, and AF detection make it a standing out model in the photography field.


Battery life is the worst idea for Fujifilm X100F. When using the camera to capture full HD movies or images, you must recharge it after 1 or 1.5 hours. This aspect is a drawback, especially for continuous events. If you do not have an alternative, you can miss a crucial part of the event.

Also, even though the camera’s autofocus feature is faster, its speed is not constant. It keeps on slowing down and speeding up randomly which affects your shooting experience. Another issue with this area is that the AF wide-area option does not produce smart images as expected. It always delineates items unless there is face detection. Hence, it can be a challenge for many photographers.


With powerful features and improvements, the Fujifilm X100F camera is the best choice. For photographers seeking to make a name in the industry, this camera is a good idea. It stands out as the best performer on shutter speed, image quality, and processing.

With the X-Processor Pro, every photographer owning it enjoys each shooting experience. It is also affordable given its price is below $1500.

However, battery life is a great worry. It is a bad idea for recording full HD movies going for more than 1hr 30 minutes. Despite these issues, Fujifilm X100F is the fastest camera in the X100 series. As such, you can consider it.



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