Suspicion is not always a consequence of mistrust. Sometimes, you just want to know because you care. Caring parents just want to keep their children safe and concerned employers simply want to root out the criminal elements trying to bring down their company. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth. Since reading thoughts and following people everywhere is impractical, tracking their phones remains the best solution.

Whether you are a parent, an employer or in a relationship, the ability to track someone’s activity can be very enticing. This is why phone trackers are such a big hit. One of the most advanced spy phone apps available today is FlexiSpy.

How it works

FlexiSpy is very user friendly. It is compatible with all the major operating systems that is; iOs, Android and BlackBerry. It also has a desktop version for Mac and Windows. Before making a purchase make sure that your operating system supports the spyware.

FlexiSpy comes in two versions – Premium and Extreme.

Features and packages

Premium version

The premium version is the cheapest. It offers all the features of a standard spy app. These include:

  • Key logger – This captures every keystroke typed on the target phone. This means that you can capture every username and password.
  • Calling activity monitor – This gives you access to the contact list and call logs of the target phone.
  • GPS Location tracking – The spyware uses GPS to give you the location history and movement of the targeted Smartphone in real time.
  • Social networks spy – With this feature, you can view posts, private messages, group chats, photos and videos on most social media platforms of your target phone.
  • Online activity tracking – This gives you access to the online activity of the targeted Smartphone. You can view the browser history and bookmarks.
  • Applications control – With the premium plan, you are able to view all the applications installed on the target device and all the activities performed with these apps.

Extreme version

The extreme package includes all the premium plan features plus additional exclusive options. These are:

  • Live call intercept – This feature allows you to intercept and listen in on phone calls as they happen. The app informs you when there is a chance to intercept. You can then call the target phone and listen in without being detected. For this to work, the target phone must be capable of 3-way calling.
  • Call recording – This allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. It gives you the option of recording calls to and from specific numbers.
  • Microphone control and Ambient recording – This feature allows you to turn on the microphone of your target phone and record the sounds and conversations near the device.
  • Spoof SMS – This feature enables you to remotely send SMSs from the target device without detection.
  • Device control – This lets you take control of the target device remotely. You can add or delete apps and messages, change phone configurations, take pictures and even restart the device.

Getting started with Flexispy

To get FlexiSpy, you have to visit FlexiSpy’s website to download it since it is not available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Once there, the installation process is painless. It involves a few steps:

  1. Have physical access to target device.
  2. Jailbreak the target device if it’s running iOS or root it if it’s running Android.
  3. Purchase a subscription plan to download the app from the website. It comes with your log in credentials and installation guidelines.
  4. Install and run the app on the target device. Make sure you hide the FlexiSpy icon form the device’s dashboard.
  5. Monitor the target device using your personal account on the official FlexiSpy website.



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