Can I improve my Bluetooth connection on Chromebook? This is the question that many of our readers are always asking us. The answer is a resounding YES! Granted, Chromebooks are great. And, they are the best for running your Chrome browser than any Windows PC. Hence, you can count on them for a great online experience.

However, like any other piece of technology, Chromebooks do have their negative side: Many users bombard us with the question of why won’t my Bluetooth connect to my Chromebook? If this issue is stressing you, you are in the right place. You need not switch to wired devices. We will endeavor to show you how to solve Chromebook Bluetooth problems.


Here’s how to make Bluetooth better on Chromebook.

Using Google’s New Bluetooth Stack for Chromebooks

The outcry by many Chromebook users reached Google, and they acted fast by releasing a new Bluetooth stack for Chromebooks. It’ the perfect answer to your question, “Can I improve my Bluetooth connection on Chromebook?”

Here are the steps you should follow to access and activate it.

  1. Head to the Chrome browser and open a new tab.
  2. In the URL address bar, type: chrome://flags. Hit Enter.
  3. Now you should locate the Flags search box on the upper part of the page and type newblue.
  4. Select the drop-down menu on the Newblue page
  5. Click on Enabled
  6. Make sure to save anything you need before clicking on Restart Now.

Viola! You did it. Now restart your Chromebook, and your Bluetooth devices will pair easily and work smoothly because Chrome OS will implement the new Bluetooth stack.

However, if the above fix does not work for you, you might need to do something else.

Diagnose, Clean Up and Restore Your System Stability

If the above fix does not improve Bluetooth performance on your Chromebook, it might be that your system is affected by issues that cause system and application glitches. Hence you will need the best PC optimizing software to help you run a complete checkup of your system. A competent specialized software will help you to dragonize the problem areas, clean your entire system, and restore your Chromebook’s stability. The goodness is that such PC optimizing software targets only junk and problem files without damaging your operating system.

But if you’re still experiencing issues, you could try this one more fix.

Try Pairing With a Compatible Device

Sometimes it could be that your device is not compatible with your Chromebook. Hence, we’d advise that you try pairing with a compatible device. If your Chromebook works well with other devices, then you should try using a compatible device.

Hopefully, that answers your question, “How to fix Bluetooth issues on my Chromebook?”

Don’t forget to share in the comment section what worked for you. Thanks.



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