Choosing the best TV for your home is no longer a straight forward affair. What with the ever-increasing jargon like 4k, 8k, HDMI 2.1, HDR, OLED, QLED, 120H2, Smart LED, and Ultra-HD? If you’re here, don’t worry, with my team at Ian’s Gadget, we’ve reviewed and compared many TVs. Hence, we are proud to provide you with our recommendations for the best TVs in 2020.

Best TVs in 2020 Review

1. LG OLEDB8P Series


A high-quality Television with excellent performance is durable and has a low maintenance cost. Although there are millions of TVs in the market, not all will provide you with a great visual experience. The LG OLEDB8P Series has excellent image quality as any other OLED TV. However, the non-OLED cannot beat it in terms of picture quality. It has a flat-screen of 65 and 55-inches and varies in price. If you love watching from dark places, B8 is the best choice for you. It comes with an infinite contrast ratio that delivers excellent deep blacks, making it perfect for dark rooms.

B8 has a sleek design that is similar to that of C8. The only difference is the stand. The B8 stand is narrower with a stylish angled look while the C8 is slightly curved. The smart features of B8 make it look professional. It runs version 4.0 of LG’s smart platform, WebOS. Several Apps are pre-installed, and you can download more though not as many as those found in other brands. As you can see, B8 has excellent features that will offer the best users’ experience. However, it comes with some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Let’s view some advantages and disadvantages of this model. Here they are:


High performance in terms of image quality and sound

LG OLEDB8P Series works well in different room status. You will get clear images in both bright and dark rooms. It has perfect reflection handling, making it suitable for a bright environment. The infinite contrast ratio allows it to switch off individual pixels, creating perfect blacks when viewed in dim rooms.

When it comes to sound, B8 stands out from other models. It has a decent punch to its bass and produces clear dialogue.

It has excellent motion handling

B8 works well for fast-moving content. It has a high response rate making it great for playing video games.

Provides wide viewing angles

For the large rooms, B8 can work perfectly well. You can watch from sides without compromising the picture quality.

The voice control feature is excellent

This TV will provide excellent feedbacks when you use word of mouth to do searches. It has a built-in Google assistance that will allow you to speak into the clicker and search for the best TV channels and movies. Also, you can control compatible smart home devices.


Brightness depends on the screen content

The B8 OLED cannot beat the LCD TVs when it comes to brightness. It has small highlights that look bright in SDR and HDR content. However, when you increase the light of the whole screen, the Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) will be activated, making the screen dimmer.

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2. TCL 6 Series (2018 Roku TV)

TCL 6 Series TV

TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV) is a high-quality TV that offers excellent image quality. It has deep black levels and accurate colors that make it suitable for both dark and bright rooms. Roku TV is the best smart TV system that will allow you to enjoy endless entertainment due to its easy to use interface. It has an enhanced remote that will let you use your voice to search for your favorite movies and TV shows.

The appearance of this model makes it a classy TV. It has a sleek metallic design, making it a durable model. There is a power button that will let you control the TV without using the remote. Despite being a TV with advanced features, TCL 6 series stands out because of its benefits. However, it comes with a few drawbacks. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of TV model:


It offers high-quality images

The picture quality is what makes a TV a good brand. The TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV) supports both HDR10 and Dolby vision to enhance the picture quality. The Fully Array panel and contrast control zones make the SDR and HDR look great.

Roku 2018 comes with a fantastic design

The design is a crucial feature to consider when purchasing the TV. You need to select one with a professional appearance to create a beautiful décor. TCL 6 series has a brushed metal exterior, jewel-like power button, and a frame that is thicker when compared to other TV models. The reason why it is thick on the side is to allow it to house an all-important full-array panel.

You will enjoy free services

Roku TV cares for all people’s needs, especially those with budgetary constraints. It comes with a lot of apps than any other smart TV. With this, it will be easier to stream movies, games, and TV shows. The good thing about this TV model is that it has its streaming services and provides a collection of free movies.


It is not good when viewing at an angle

The TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV) is not suitable for huge rooms. It loses the picture quality when viewed at an angle. Thus, it cannot work well where a crowd of people is using it.

It does not produce a booming sound

Although the Roku TV will allow you to hear an essential dialogue without the interaction of noise from the background, it does not work well for a loud sound. It will require you to introduce a soundbar to enhance the sound.


TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV) is the best performing TV. It is a budget-friendly 4k TV that will offer the best visual experience.

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If you want to have endless entertainment, you need to consider LG OLEDC8P. It is a high-quality smart TV that will allow you to access streaming services for countless entertainment options. It stands out from other TV models because of the Alpha 9 process. It enhances the image as well as sound quality. This makes it great for gaming.

The TV comes with a striking design of a super-slim panel, making it look different from other brands. The stand that supports the TV is extensive and of high quality to offer maximum support. C8 comes with high-speed 4 HDMI inputs for the best home theater connection. Also, it has 3 USB inputs to enable you to connect with your digital camera or other USB devices. This model is great because of the benefits you will gain. Nevertheless, it has a few disadvantages that you need to be aware of before making a purchasing decision. Let’s discuss some advantages and the disadvantages of C8:


C8 provides the best picture quality

The quality of the image will determine whether you will get the right content or not. The LG OLEDC8P has an Alpha 9 processor that is not available in other models. This unique feature has a role of enhancing the picture quality to provide excellent images with incredibly vibrant colors.

C8 works well with HDR and SDR contents because it supports formats such as Dolby vision as well as HDR10. The good thing about C8 is the BFI option. It will allow you to have a clear view by reducing blur.

Amazing motion handling

LG OLEDC8P is an excellent model for fast-moving content. It will benefit the gamers and PC users because of its high response rate.

Excellent viewing angles

C8 is a great TV model that will offer the best visual experience. It does not interfere with the image quality when viewed from sides. Its large screen offers an immersive experience for everyone in the large room.

Excellent smart features

C8 has LG AI ThinQ, which brings together streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. Also, it has an advanced remote that will allow you to control the TV using your voice.


C8 is expensive

When compared to other models that offer the same services, C8 seems to be costly. However, it is advanced in terms of features.

Brightness is not as much as that of LCD TVs

Although C8 is the best performing OLED TV when it comes to brightness, it cannot compete with the LCD TVs like the TLC 6 series.


At times, you don’t have to consider the price when purchasing a TV. C8 comes with high pricing but with advanced features that will lead to benefits.

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4. Vizio P-Series Quantum Review

Vizio P. Series Quantum

Do you love watching TV in bright rooms? If yes, you need to give Vizio P-series Quantum a priority. It is the best performing LCD TVs when it comes to brightness. It offers the best 4k HDR image when viewed in bright rooms due to the excellent brightness it provides. However, you can still view clear pictures in dim places. The full-array local dimming develops deep black levels to improve the image quality in dark environments.

The P-series comes with an affordable price as compared to other models. It has a flat-screen size of 65-inch, which offers a clear view of everyone in the room. In terms of appearance, this model becomes among the best. It has a sleek and modern design with a neat silver trim around the edge, making it a professional brand. The Quantum features do not only come with benefits but also drawbacks. Let’s have a quick run on its pros and cons:


High-quality picture and viewing experience

Vizio P-series Quantum is a 4k TV that delivers excellent images in every area. It works well in dim and bright rooms. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby vision to enhance the visual experience. The P-series has a quantum dot technology that enables it to expand the color gamut and heighten the white brightness.

Good sound

Although the Quantum model will not offer a loud s sound like that of OLED TV, it will allow you to hear a clear dialogue. It focuses on mid-range, center channel audio with a tilt in upper mids to enable you to get the right message during the intense action scenes.

Excellent Chromecast built-in

Vizio is becoming a competitive TV model because of its built-in Chromecast capabilities. It will allow you to watch what you want by searching content on mobile device or PC and casting them on the TV. The good thing about P-series is that you will enjoy free services. It offers a variety of internet streaming channels like YouTube and Netflix.


Poor viewing angles

Although Vizio P-series has features that will provide high-quality images, the image quality can be compromised if viewed at an angle.

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Poor, smart TV features

The SmartCast smart TV system of Vizio is slower as compared to other models. Also, it lacks the built-in voice control. However, you can control it with Google Assistant and Alexa smart speakers.


Having cheaper pricing doesn’t mean that the TV is of low quality. Vizio will assure you of enjoying the best image and sound. It has a big screen that supports the HDR content and is capable of lighting up a room with its 2,000nits of peak brightness.

5. Samsung Q8 Series (2018) Review

Samsung Q8 Series

There is a wide range of TV brands in the market. They come with different features and benefits. If you want a colorful and bright TV, you need to consider the Samsung Q8 series (2018). It is among the best 4k TVs in the market. It plays a vital role in upscaling the HD into 4K and performs well than the LG OLED when handling the scenes with fast motion. With this, it becomes excellent for gamers and fast-moving content.

The appearance of Q8 is excellent. It has a nice-looking with a stylish, sleek, and modern design. Although it is thicker than usual, it still looks fantastic. The most significant reason why it comes with a compact design is to accommodate fully-array backlight. Despite being the best in class features, it comes with benefits and a few shortcomings. Let’s view some of the pros and cons of Q8 model:


Excellent image quality

The Q8 offers an engaging viewing experience. When it comes to brightness, it stands out from other models. It will allow you to watch in dim and bright rooms. The black levels enhance the picture quality in dark rooms, and the reflection handling makes the image look amazing in bright places. This TV model has a low input lag that provides a smooth motion while delivering HDR content.

Excellent smart features

The Q8 Samsung smart system provides a quick response. It is the only model that will allow direct control of devices in your system using the remote. In this case, you will get an easy to use interface.

It has a professional design

The Samsung Q8 series (2018) has a design that makes it different from other models. It is sleek, modern, and supported by two stands for maximum support. It has a disappearing act that is not present in many brands. The ambient mode will elevate the room with engaging and useful content.


The Bixby voice control is not excellent

When it comes to searching for content by use of the voice, Q8 is not the right choice as compared to Alexa and Google assistance. It has a Bixby control voice that fails to provide the necessary results.

It losses the picture quality when viewed at an angle

Viewing from sides benefits those with spacious rooms. For the Q8, you cannot watch at an angle because it will lose the picture quality.


Despite the few shortcomings of Q8, you will get a wide range of benefits. This model supports HDR10+, which makes the colors look great and input lag low, making it an excellent model for the gamers.

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Best TVs in 2020 Conclusion

The above TVs have what it takes to provide you with clear images. Since it’s not every day that you buy a TV, you need to take your time and settle on a TV that satisfies your unique needs. We hope you’ll find your answer in one of our recommended 5 best TVs in 2020



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