With the high number of new phones coming in every day, choosing between one phone and the other has never been more difficult. The question still comes: Which phone should I buy? For instance, Apples iPhone XR and iPhone XS are both sleek and cute phones. In this situation, making the right pick can be a genuinely difficult task for any prospective buyer.

So, which is superior? To compound the issue, most of these phones are now strikingly similar, both physically and feature-wise. This being the case, it’s crucial for you, as the buyer, to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each model long before you buy. Let us try to weigh the pros and cons of some of Apple’s latest and most popular phones on display.

iPhone XR Review

iPhone XR-Pros

Let us start with the pros. Get the iPhone XR, and you get the bulk of features found in the famed iPhone XS. This phone comes with an impressive, extra-large screen. The screen is about 6.1 inches compared to X’s 5.8. It can be pretty fast in performance.

There is also a variety of exciting colors on offer. The camera is very much comparable to that of the iPhone XS. You also get a wireless charging and face ID in the bargain. With this phone, you will get a majority of features found only in an iPhone XS variety. And the beauty of it is that it comes at a slightly lesser cost than the iPhone XS.

Indeed you’ll get this phone at about 75 percent of the cost of the iPhone XS. If you want a phone with the most extended battery-life within the celebrated iPhone family, then this is the stop. When shooting video, you will find that the XR camera does quite well. The phone also boasts a great speaker that affords high-quality sound.

iPhone XR-cons:

One of the things that most people love greatly in a phone is camera capacity. The iPhone XR’s camera has a slightly limited portrait mode compared to its cousin, the iPhone XS. It also lacks optic zoom. The iPhone XS also has a superior steel LCD screen that trumps the aluminum iPhone XR screen. The iPhone XR does not have the crucial rear telephoto lens. What this means is that you cannot get the magical 2x optical zoom or superior digital zoom. The portrait mode photos will also be slightly inferior to those of the iPhone XS.

Which iPhone should I buy?

A blow by blow comparison of the various models of the iPhone family reveals an exciting and intriguing race. Some authorities have tried to classify these models from the best to the worst, and vice-versa. For instance, the iPhone 6s plus is a veteran of the market. It’s nevertheless considered a bad bargain in comparison with a phone like iPhone 7.

The latter costs about the same but is more powerful and has superior all-around features. This is why before buying you need to do a careful and methodical background check. Moreover, these two are identical as twins! What sets them apart can be pretty subtle. The price tag is another critical consideration. Think of it: The iPhone 6s costs less than 500 dollars, while the iPhone X costs double. What accounts for this massive difference in price? You need to take your time and find out.

Best iPhone 2019

Consider a phone like the iPhone X. One of the features that buyers really love about it is the screen size. In the iPhone family, this one has the largest screen that anyone can dream of. With it, you can do a variety of things like shooting great photos or enabling the facial recognition element which makes it fun to use. Its aesthetic qualities are above reproach. The only setback for many, however, is the price element. It goes for a cool 1,000 dollars which are way above what many people can afford.

The iPhone SE is much more affordable and offers all the conveniences that anyone would want in a functional phone. Indeed this is probably one of the cheapest phones of its kind. Perhaps the only drawback is the size of the screen. The screen is rather small, measuring just four inches while models like the iPhone X have a 5.8-inch screen. Further, it lacks in some important features including the fact that it is not waterproof and has no wireless charging.

Best iPhone Review 2019:

Notably, the iPhone is a runaway favorite for people who want to buy smartphones. This is even though Android smartphones more or less resemble iPhone gadgets. In the recent past, the iPhone XR and iPhone XS were added to the market. As a result, Apple now markets seven brands of the phone. Determining which is the best iPhone 2019 requires consideration of everything that Apple has in its stable before reaching a verdict.


Head to Head comparison

1. iPhone XR

This iphone XR review can’t be complete unless we compare the XR to other iPhone brands. Phone XR can be described as one of the best phones that resonates with the needs of most ‘ordinary’ people today. Of course, that’s not to say that this is the cheapest phone you can get. It still does cost a fortune by any standards. Definitely, 749 dollars is not just anyone’s fry. In spite of this, iPhone XR is still way more affordable than its XS and XS Max peers. Talking about value for money, the iPhone XR gives you just that.

Popular Features of the iPhone XR:

  • Big screen function
  • Face recognition
  • Wireless charging
  • High-speed performance
  • Camera rivaling iPhone XS and X
  • A 12 bionic processor
  • Multiple color options
  • Powerful, long-lasting battery
  • Large internal storage capacity

How does iPhone XR Compare to iPhone 8 Plus?

No doubt, iPhone 8 Plus, which costs 50 dollars less than the XR, is a hugely popular phone. Its physical design contributes a lot to its popularity. Interestingly, the iPhone 8 Plus delivers many of the features of the XR despite its age. Anyone who wants to make an informed choice among the two must consider several factors. Some of these parameters include:

  • Camera quality
  • Physical design
  • Hardware
  • Cost

Compared to its peer, the iPhone XR has larger screen-6.1 inches. It’s intrinsically smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus due to its slimmer bezels. It is also lighter. iPhone XR presents a six-color variety; yellow, black, white, red, blue and gold. The iPhone 8 Plus, on its part, comes with just three colors.

In terms of design, the display on the latter phone is much sharper than the iPhone XR and has a higher resolution. The iPhone 8 Plus has a superb home button which also functions as a fingerprint scanner. The iPhone XR has a very sharp camera that can graphically map your face. With this phone, you can use the face ID rather than fingerprints to save your password. And you can well make emojis that simulate your facial movements.

It is also interesting that iPhone XR photo quality has a slight edge over that of iPhone Plus. This is in spite of the latter phone boasting of having two back cameras. In terms of processor and battery properties, the iPhone XR comes out the top. This is even though the two phones generally function at par as far as overall speed is concerned.

Notwithstanding, the iPhone XR has a superior A12 processor compared with the iPhone 8 Plus’s A11. During one battery test, the iPhone XR was able to play video, on airplane mode, for 19 hours and 53 minutes. The iPhone 8 Plus battery, in comparison, ran for only 13 hours, 45 minutes. The former seems to have a larger battery (2.942 mAh). The iPhone 8 plus battery is smaller at 2.67mAh).


The iPhone 8 Plus has both 64 GB and 256GB memory. In comparison, the XR has a third memory selection of 128 GB. It, therefore, follows that the iPhone 8 Plus memory option is too wide. The XR seems to cater for the average majority in this respect.

Dual sim:

All the latest iPhones now have the capability for a dual sim that allows you to manage two different numbers on your phone. You do this using e-SIM and nano-SIM. The iPhone 8 Plus also has a 3 D-touch feature. This means that the screen is super-sensitive to pressure. The beauty of this is that you can quickly preview your messages, links, and apps before opening, by just pressing the screen a little harder. The iPhone XR lacks this feature. Even though the latest version of the iPhone 8 Plus is now slightly cheaper than the XR, it is up to every buyer to consider all factors before choosing to purchase either of these two popular models.

2. iPhone XS :

This is one of the most powerful phones of its kind. Its display is equally impressive with an OLED and gold color. It is, without doubt, no ordinary man’s phone due to its cost. It costs a whopping 1,000 dollars. This is perhaps worth it. It has a record of outstanding performance and a compelling camera. The camera gives you both a portrait mode and Face ID.

3. iPhone XS Max :

In the iPhone family, the iPhone XS Max is perhaps the largest and most costly. It has a larger battery than the ordinary XS and taller display. This phone is ideal for anyone who prefers a large screen for photo and video viewing

4. iPhone 8:

This phone has certain outstanding features. These include:

  • Long battery life
  • Bionic chip( A11
  • High definition display
  • Wireless charging.

It currently goes at about 599 dollars.

5. Iphone7:

If you badly want the latest iOS software without spending too much, the iPhone 7 is the answer. It has some exciting features including:

  • Powerful speakers
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Access to the iOS app store
  • high definition retina display
  • waterproof
  • Super-thin design.

6. iPhone plus :

The iPhone 7 plus gives you the cheapest way to obtain a huge- screen iPhone. It has a portrait mode due to its dual cameras and comes relatively less expensive than its peers with similar features.

iPhone XR Review Conclusion:

All matters considered, what is your pick? Without a doubt, when Apple recently launched the iPhone XR model, it created something truly unique. With this phone, you are guaranteed to enjoy 95% the experience of the remarkable iPhone XS. What is sweeter is that you get this at a discounted cost of about 75% of the cost of the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR improves a lot on the features previously found in its peers. It comes with a screen pleasantly larger than the XS, a variety of exciting colors and highly enhanced storage capacity. Get the best iPhone value. Choose the iPhone XR.



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