The Pros

  • A very fast A10 Fusion performance
  • Compatible to Apple Pencil
  • Augmented-reality apps
  • Superb battery life

The Cons

  • Thick bezels
  • Extra cost on keyboard and cover


The price feels right for the new 9.7-inch iPad, with excellent battery life, plenty of power, long battery life and Apple Pencil support.

Key Features

  • 9.7-inch IPS LCD screen
  • A 10 Fusion processor with 2 GB RAM
  • 8 MP rear and 1.2 MP front cameras
  • Apple Pencil compatible (sold separately)
  • 32 & 128 GB models available
  • 4 G and Wi-Fi-only models available
  • Silver, Gold and Space Grey color options
  • Weighs 469g (478g for 4G version)
  • What is the 9.7-inch iPad 2018?

The new iPad 2018 takes the tail end regarding pricing because it’s the cheapest in the range of Apple iPads. But is it on the “cheap is expensive” side of things? The answer is a simple No. It’s similar to any other iPad from the past five years. It packs the powerful A 10 Fusion processor, and it supports the Apple Pencil.

The best thing about the iPad is that it’s half the price of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. And Apple is rubbing in the salt to the wounds of the competitors with their assertions, that the iPad 2018 is the future of computing in the classroom – and there’s undoubtedly some truth to its claim.


We are talking about speed- a speedy A 10 Fusion chip. It has support for the Apple pencil and access to immersive augmented – reality apps. This is what Apple has packed its punch in the 9.7 inch iPad. And the price, a pocket-friendly amount of $329 – but there are more goodies for the students though, you get the device at a discounted amount of $299. The power that this one pounder has makes it one of the most potent gadgets in mobile computing. But it’s the new iWork suite that makes the iPad the ideal tool for working on a computer.

System Architecture

iPad 9.7 inch 2018 is hooded inside an aluminum casing. But it is still spotting thick bezels which kind of make it look aesthetically challenged, especially when most phones are working tooth nail to thin out the bezels to improve in the overall looks department. Perhaps the price tag on the phone at that low rate could be because it ranks low in the beauty contest. But yet again even with that minor impediment, the design feels robust and portable to hold and work on without as much as feeling somewhat weighed down. It weighs about 1.03 pounds and just 0.29 inches thick.

The mic jack is placed on the top part of the iPad. There is a Home button that is placed just beneath the screen, which also avails for Touch ID for logging in. There is also a lightning connector on the bottom for charging. Though this iPad work’s with Apple’s Smart Keyboard, the slate lacks the necessary connector, and therefore if you want to add your keyboard, then you can connect it via Bluetooth.


The 9.7-inch display on the iPad is loaded with 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is good enough for displaying sharp, bright and colorful images especially when gaming, watching your favorite trailer and in general computing on the device. The iPad’s panel can project 489 nits of brightness, outdoing the Fire HD 10 and Lenovo Tab 4 10 which project 405 and 307 nits of brightness respectively.

Apple Pencil

There are many pencil-enabled Apps on the iPad, which require an Apple pencil to interact with. The Apple pencil goes for $ 99 and can be used for drawing, taking notes and a hell lot of other functionalities on the iPad. The Apple Pencil has zero latency, and when using it, the force and tilt sensitivity make it feel like you are using a real pencil. However, it does not have an eraser on its butt end. The other architectural flaw is that the pen does not have a slot where it can be stored, which makes it vulnerable to getting lost unless you have a carrier bag.

But if the Apple Pencil is way out of your reach, then there is a substitute for it. The new Logitech Crayon which goes for $49, but again sorry because this accessory will only be sold to schools. It supports the tilt sensitivity of the Apple Pencil but not the pressure sensitivity.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality provides the iPad extra power, coupled with several AR Apps specifically designed with students in mind. An excellent example of the Apps is Froggipedia which allows the student to place a photo-realistic image of say an animal on the screen using the App. You can toggle among various views to do an exposure of muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. Using the Apple pencil, it can avail for dissecting the animal to expose and view its internals.

There is also the AR Apps like the GeoGebra which allows you to see objects like graphs and those that change shape as students’ edit equations. Another AR App of note is the Boulevard AR, which will enable you to enter and view paintings from the London National Portrait Gallery. The WWF Free Rivers App is designed to educate the students on the damage that Dams can cause to the ecosystems in their localities. Other AR apps that are general include apps like IKEA place for homes and furnishings, AR Sports which show games like Basketball.


A10 Fusion chip is hooded inside the 6th generation iPad. It’s excellent in performance as compared to its peer in the same category. And it does heavy computing when using heavy software like Adobe Premiere Clip for Editing movies. On the overall performance, the 6th-gen iPad has a higher score of 5,983, which is well above the 3,022 category average.


The Apple iPad 9.7 is armed with an 8-megapixel back camera. But like all good things, the camera sometimes suffers from problems of overexposure.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Apple 9.7 inch iPad is good. With heavy usage, it can last up to about 10:4 hours which to me is quite impressive, but technically tapping out on the Lenovo Tab 4 10 which brings the drain home at 11:17 hours.


With IOS 11 installed on the iPad, it affords the user several welcome desktop-like features. You can surf the net on one end of the left and watch movies on the right. It allows for much more comfortable switching between apps and also multitasks at will. Swiping up from the bottom of the display while you’re on the home screen will show your apps on the left-side and Control Center on the right to allow for tweaking various settings. While composing an Email, you can drag and drop a photo or a folder from another window into the window that you are using to do your mail. It also avails you the comfort of swiping from bottom to reveal the dock, then drag an app onto the screen, to manipulate both of them at once.

You can also start taking notes right from the lock screen using the Apple pencil. Other than that you can scan and sign documents conveniently.

Schoolwork App

The Apple 9.7 inch iPad has other Apps that make using it quite an experience. One of the Apps is the Schoolwork App. This App has changed how school kids learn. It ensures that multimedia activities like music making, film making, and drawing are integrated into education. This App is designed to facilitate teacher-student interactions in that the teacher can hand out assignments while at the same time tracking their performance.

As compared to the Chrome book, the iPad is faster, which coupled with progressive Apps that target specific usages, makes it the iPad of choice in my view, if the back and front cameras are anything to go by. The optional Apple Pencil is another feature that’s missing from most Chromebooks. The pencil is essential where you need to draw or take notes.

But price wise, the Chromebook is cheaper. The price on the IPad goes higher especially when accessories are added to it like the keyboard and the Apple pencil. Chromebooks are entombed in clamshell designs, which gives them durability. A good example is the Asus Chromebook Flip C213SA which comes with a larger 11.6-inch touch-screen display. It has support for the Google Play store and a dependable Celeron processor going for the price of $299. The real deal is that it can withstand drops from up to 3.9 feet which in essence means that you may not need to put Humpty Dumpty together after the fall.

Bottom Line

The Apple 9.7 inch iPad is a device that is built with the users in mind. It can execute simple day-to-day duties and also very heavy computing functionalities. Whether it is for studies for students, professional or leisure, the iPad is armed with a full ray of Apps that can do the intended job. And when using augmented reality Apps, the execution by the A10 Fusion chip is fantastic. The screen on this device might be small for some peoples’ liking at 9.7 inches, but it has a sharp and colorful display. Yes, the bezels are a bit thicker, but what the heck if the pricing on the device is softer on my wallet?

It defeats logic that despite all the goodies that the iPads throws at the user, it lacks the Apple’s keyboard connector. This means you cannot use Apple’s keyboard on the iPad unless you connect or interface it via Bluetooth. All in all, this 6th-generation iPad is a force to reckon with in the world of portable devices.

Why buy the Apple iPad?

The Apple 9.7 inch iPad gives you the power of a laptop computer, and so rather than go for low-end notebook, you may want to go for iPad 2018. But if you are more accustomed to traditional ports like the HDMI outputs, USB ports, and SD card readers, then things will become a bit elephant for you, but if you like streaming movies live from the net, editing pictures and videos, then definitely this is the gadget you need for that function. And because this gadget will go easy on your wallet, then it’s what will entice you more towards buying this iPad.



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