Intel is the market leader when it comes to processor performance. Since its launch in early September 2009, the Intel Core i5 processor has been no different. It is the perfect processor for daily tasks and comes with a remarkable speed boost as users pile on more demanding tasks. Below is a list of the advantages of using the i5 processor:

First Things First: What is the i5 processor?

It is a computer processor that is available either as a dual-core or quad-core. It is available in varying speeds ranging from 1.90-3.80Hz and can feature 3MB, 4MB, or 6MB of Cache. You can have it installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

High mobility

The i5 has an ultra-thin design to ensure it fits your laptop, no matter how slim it is. Regardless of your laptop size, you can count on the i5 processor to boost its performance. With the slimmer laptops being more portable and light, you can use the i5 processor if you require more mobility out of your computer. Moreover, its battery usage is rather conservative, with up to 5 hours on a single charge.


The Intel Core i5 is ready for plenty of security-related features, such as WinZip file compression, the Bit Locker in 64-Bit Windows 7, MacAfee Security, PGP security, and much more. With these options, you are assured that your laptop remains secure even in the wrong hands.

Great performance

If you need more out of your PC or are about to take on more challenging tasks, look no further than the Intel Core i5 Turbo, whose technology allows the processor to speed up whenever the additional output is required. This speed boost, however, is only available on select Intel Core i5 processor-based systems. The Intel Hyper-Threading Technology comes with 4-way multi-task processing so that each core of your chip can handle 2 tasks at a go. Again, it also manages the power supply whenever required and does not interfere with the speed and performance of the system. It also increases system memory up to 1333MHz to help you work at high bandwidth.

With this design, your PC will not slow down or hang regardless of the number of tasks it is handling. You can enjoy quality graphics while playing games, HD video composing, and other more substantial tasks.

High compatibility

If you would like to upgrade to the i5 processor, the chances that your machine is compatible are quite high. The processor is compatible with the slimmest machines, including the Dell Inspiron 15R, Toshiba Satellite L500, ASUS N61JV, Lenovo ThinkPad T series, Sony VAIO, HP Pavilion dv4i series, and CyberPower Xplorer X5.


Intel is the go-to brand for high-performance processors, and the Intel Core i5 processor is no different. The i5 is already being regarded as the mainstream version of the Intel Core i7, which is just a reminder of the excellence the chip offers its users.



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